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Invincible - Live in Milan Video

Shaun 2406

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I recently bought the video of Invincible - Live in Milan from the muse.mu shop. However the link they sent me to download is for a 7 minute piano audio piece... It doesn't even sound like Muse, theres no video, and its definitely not invincible.


This was the Email:


Thank you for your order


Order Ref: MUZ2049-8230

Order Total: 1.49 GBP


Removed Personal Details


Order Summary:

1 x Invincible (Live From Milan):Invincible (Live From Milan) Video @ 1.49 GBP

Digital Downloads:

Izumi Tateno (Piano), Les Yeux Clos

6. Les Yeux Clos


I've tried emailing shop support... but its been a few days and I still have no response. Is there anything I can/should do? Do they usually take longer to respond than this?



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