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Fav AFI/Muse ...

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So I think it only makes sense to ask this...

What's your favourite AFI and Muse albums or songs or both!


I'll start...


Fav AFI albums are Answer That And Stay Fashionable and Black Sails in the Sunset

Fav Muse album is Origin Of Symmetry (though I of course LOVE them all!!! There is honestly no Muse song that I don't love)


Fav AFI song is Your Name Here and Totalimmortal

Fav Muse song is Map of the Problematique (closely followed by Dead Star and Bliss)


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AFI Albums: Sing the Sorrow, Crash Love, Black Sails in the Sunset

Muse Albums: Absolution (so far, I'm a pretty new Muser :LOL: )


AFI songs: Oh god so so many songs...:

...But Home is Nowhere, The Last Kiss, Dream of Waking, Reivers Music, 100 Words, The Missing Frame, Cold Hands, Torch Song, Malleus Maleficarum, The Interview, The Despair Factor, Either, The Leaving Song, The Leaving Song pt. II, On the Arrow, Okay I Feel Better Now, Smile, Synesthesia... so very many...


Muse songs: Apocalypse Please, Time is Running Out, Stockholm Syndrome, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, Take a Bow, Starlight, Bliss, Fury... and they will be joined by more soon :)


And yes, Shockwaves! If you like DU you're going to ADORE Sing the Sorrow. After Sing the Sorrow you should get Black Sails in the Sunset, The Art of Drowning and Crash Love :D

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I can't chose between albums, because they're all equal in terms of how many songs I like from each.


Both AFI and Muse are two of the very few bands who have great albums - as in, every song is at worst listenable, and at best great :awesome:. Usually bands come out with albums, and maybe two or three of the songs are good (and sometimes only one :eek:).


My favorite songs (at the moment) are:


AFI - Dancing Through Sunday

Muse - New Born


It really is hard to choose though.

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