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Setlist :


HAARP Intro with Knights of Cydonia [Razorwing,Razor's Friend and Mopar4t4]

Time is Running Out [Razorwing]


Resistance [Mopar4t4]

Interlude Intro with Hysteria




Helsinki Jam? LOL

Supermassive Black Hole

New Born [an_sell]

Stockholm Syndrome [an_sell]

Plug In Baby

Citizen Erased

Apcoalypse Please (for you piano players :D)

Micro Cuts [an_sell]

City of Delusion [Mopar4t4 + Mopar4t4 guest]


*note that the positions of the setlist can be changed.


Sign up people! lol.


You can play more than 1 song (3 songs max)

Groups of either 3 or 4 people (Unless you are doing the Helsinki Jam)

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two things: 1) i might be able to bring my gf along, and she plays trumpet, so we could play city of delusion as well.


2) it seems like im the onbly drummer thus far, so looks like im playing all the songs. but if i had to pick 3...i guess it would be KoC resistance and SS, and HJ if anyone will play it with me

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I've been thinking guys.. if everyone did a selection of consecutive 3 songs.. I think that would be easier..? Or else everyone has to unplug and leave the 'stage' after every song.. :S What do you guys think? Oh yeah.. and an_sell.. could let me play KOC? lol.. cause I'm gonna be doing the harmony with a friend of mine and we have it down already. :).

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lol, i want to say my gf can play it cuz i know theres one in her house, i just never heard her play it. besides man with a harmonica doesn't sound to hard...


im down for playing consecutiveness, if I dont have to play all the songs...lol

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it sounded soo amzing live! like i said im still learning it, but taking a (hopefully) quick break from it bc i busted my snare head. I am waiting to go to a music store and buy a new one lol. its soo shitty. Im going INSANE not being alble to play the drums... :(

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