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Starlight Synth Keyboard Arpeggio??


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  • 3 months later...
Does anyone know exactly which notes are in the synth arpeggio in the chorus of Starlight?


Well Jyd I don't know it yet but i've been able to kinda piece it together but go on youtube and look up starlight keyboard/synth then just look at the chorus and find the root of each run and it'll be easier

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I think i figured it out... or at least one arpeggio of the four. I managed to get my hands on a starlight piano sheet and even though it doesn't have the arpeggios themselves the chords for the chorus helped me determine the first arpeggio. its c# e g# up three octaves or at least do that . then here are the other chords in the chorus.g#a#d#, d# f# Bb, g# B d#, e g# b, d# g#b, c# e g#, then its c# e g#. i picked the first chord, fourth chord, fifth chord, sixth chord for the arpeggios.


Hope this helps

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