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Multieffect pedal?


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Hello my fellow Musers!


i recently acquired the Cort MBC-1 ( :D ) and want to start building up a pedalboard for it, the problem is that i am in my last year of school and don´t have a considerable budget so i´m looking for a affordable multipedal. i recently bought the Vox IIG stomplab but none of the effects on it match the songs i want to play so i will most likely return it to the store, i saw a video on Youtube where they used the Boss ME-80 which seems more of my taste so if anyone here has any experience with it please post it here:)


songs i´m playing/want to play:




Citizen Erased


Dead star

Dead inside

New Born


Map of the problematique

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If you're running a spider, I'd just go with the fx that come with it. If you _really_ want to play MOTP, you'll need a whammy, cable to connect the whammy to a laptop and cubase in the laptop, plus the midi-file for the MOTP sequence. I think there's few of those floating around the internet, or you can build one yourself.

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