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Should Muse offer fans a virtual reality show


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So...should Muse offer fans a virtual reality gig??


Here is what I mean. We now have the technology that Muse could film a gig using virtual reality media equipment such that if you put on good head phones and a high end VR head set then you could say...walk around on stage watching Matt sing and play the guitar (like you are on the stage)...or walk turn and walk up to Dom as he plays the drums. You could turn and face the crowd and see what the band sees.


It would work...and might be a cool idea.

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Don't give them weird ideas. We are still working on the whole "uploading shows in youtrube" concept.


A Muse show in VR would be epic. Imagine being on state with the band...looking any direction...it would be like YOU WERE THERE (assuming good headphones, etc).

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