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Hey there everyone!


I know it's a little too late to be asking this, but since economic factors kicked in really hard and the chances were slim till last week, I have a pressing question. As I could see for some weeks now, all the tickets for Muse's tour dates in Milan, as provided via the ticketone.it outlet, have been sold out (incl. VIP packages).


I would really love to be there on one of their touring days, the coming week, so does anyone know whether there will be tickets available for sale prior to each venue, (say an individual or not ticket house, every day of the events) somewhere in the city of Milan. Or has every single ticket been treated in the manner of a pre-selling outlet?


Any kind of information or redirection in order for this to be addressed, would be appreciated. If you have not yet seen Muse live, and plan on doing so, I hope this experience for everyone be one of a lifetime!


Best regards

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