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Houston Musers, need your assistance!


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Hey folks!

My husband and I have enjoyed Alamo Drafthouse and their special events, and we've noticed that they do a lot of SingAlongs for different musicians and music styles and what not.

And I was thinking, if we all worked together and actually attended, we could get them started for MUSE..

As well as screenings of their concert DVDS such as HAARP and Live at the Olympic Stadium.

I think this could be an incredible opportunity to get to know local MUSE fans and enjoy their music in a really cool setting!!

If you think this would be a great idea, we should all work together to contact Alamo Drafthouse in the Houston area (Vintage Park and Mason Park are the two we know of.)


If you haven't heard of them, they have fun events like Quote-Alongs and Sing-Alongs, as well as special screenings. We have enjoyed the Serenity Quote-Along and the Jurassic Park (original one!) Quote Along.


Anyway, just a thought.

You can comment here, I'll set this to notify me by email.

Teamwork can get us what we want. ^_^


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