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    Born in San Diego moved to Tejas as a young child. My life is family, pets, my jewelry and art, and music!
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    Well, things have changed as I have aged. I still spin staff and juggle on occasion, but now my life is filled with my family, my jewelry and home decor creations, and my art. I'm working on a coloring book! WOOT!
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    I'm a stay at home mom with a hand made jewelry business, in which I make Polymer Clay pendants and beaded/chainmaille/wirework jewelry.
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    Anything by Mel Brooks, Tim Burton.
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    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
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    Doctor Who
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    Agents of Shield
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    This list would go on forever.
    some of my favourite authors.
    Piers Anthony
    Anny McCaffrey
    Naomi Novik
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    All albums but Hullaballoooo at the moment.. no singles or EPs
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    MY FIRST TIME was MARCH 12TH, 2013 in HOUSTON!! I had to relive it this year via photos and a playlist.
    My Second Concert! December 1, 2015 at Toyota Center. AMAZING!
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  1. Hey folks! My husband and I have enjoyed Alamo Drafthouse and their special events, and we've noticed that they do a lot of SingAlongs for different musicians and music styles and what not. And I was thinking, if we all worked together and actually attended, we could get them started for MUSE.. As well as screenings of their concert DVDS such as HAARP and Live at the Olympic Stadium. I think this could be an incredible opportunity to get to know local MUSE fans and enjoy their music in a really cool setting!! If you think this would be a great idea, we should all work together to contact Alamo Drafthouse in the Houston area (Vintage Park and Mason Park are the two we know of.) If you haven't heard of them, they have fun events like Quote-Alongs and Sing-Alongs, as well as special screenings. We have enjoyed the Serenity Quote-Along and the Jurassic Park (original one!) Quote Along. Anyway, just a thought. You can comment here, I'll set this to notify me by email. Teamwork can get us what we want. ^_^ Cali
  2. Muse Drones December 1, 2015 It isn't complete yet. Gotta wait til payday to purchase what I need. The red border is a red streamer from the confetti cannon. The Drones are also confetti from the show! And the Pick was tossed out after the show! The cream blob is a piece of one of the big balloons that were tossed around the GA floor. I used the logo from my favorite poster (The birds must not have liked it, bad parrots!) and one of the tickets from the show as well. I'll be attaching the "No Fun" bracelet (it's bright green and says Moshing and Crowd Surfing NOT permitted!) and the drumstick that Dominic tossed me as well. I'm super stoked about this since we could not afford VIP and didn't get the limited edition poster. And due to my leg injury and exhaustion, we weren't able to purchase the shirt I wanted.. as it turns out it had the date of the show on it!! I wish I'd known, I would have SAT in line LOL.
  3. Caliandra

    Muse Heart

    Just wanted to share the art I created on December 1, 2015 before the Muse show.. ^_^ I almost handed it to Dominic but I'm guessing a) he didn't see it or b) he couldn't take it. Not sure which! Darnit! Maybe I can mail it to them. Or scan it and then print out copies to color, sign, and frame for them. Hmmmmm. Anyway.. enjoy! I'm working on a coloring book with my designs right now, don't think this would be legal to put in it HAHAHA.
  4. Does ANYONE know how to get ahold of a t-shirt from Houston's show? I have been checking Bravado USA store every day to see if/when they post it, and even emailed them. I let exhaustion and soreness get in the way of me getting my shirt! (Also a line of 80 people at least ) HAAALPPP
  5. OMG hi! LOL. I think I might have seen you through my tears. hahaha.
  6. I posted the link to my Tumblr post in this as well... My ONLY BUMMER is that I was so sore from jumping/moshing and headbanging, dizzy from not eating well, and tired that I knew I couldn't last if I tried to stand in line to buy a shirt, I wanted this one: Anyway... I'm a bit bummed about it, it does have the date on it, so I'm hoping I can score one elsewhere. I love the design! If you have one and are willing to trade with me some custom chainmaille or something, PM me and I'll get with you. We're on a super tight budget and barely have money for Christmas for our daughter... Anyway. This is only my second Muse concert, and my 3rd "big" concert in my life. I know, it's pretty lame. I got free lawn seats to Kiss as a kid, and then chose to go to Muse and my parents wouldn't let me. I know for sure I had the money as a teen to go to the two concerts that happened, and they wouldn't let me. In terms of the music.. yes, there were technical difficulties. And apparently Dallas got the even worse end of the stick due to issues transporting the stage and such. I hope everyone involved is all right, that stage set up looks intense! They did a good job honoring the number system (That was my first time in GA queue!! JD bought VIP tix for us for T2L and they were ok, but I thought they were really costly for what we got). Despite the things that went wrong, there were a JILLION things that went right. In reference to those talking about the cell phones.. I was trying to use mine, and then realized that in doing so, I wasn't in the "moment" that I had been dying to be in. So I handed it to my husband, and told him to do as he wished, but I was going to focus on the show. He did record some video (filled up my tiny memory) and some photos. Which I'm super grateful for! I am debating spending the time uploading the videos.. there was a REALLY ANNOYING girl on the other side of my husband singing at the top of her lungs and she was off-key, loud, and sounds HORRID on the video and recordings he took. I didn't hear her at all during the show, but he got a front row seat to her annoying voice. Poor husband! I got a drumstick. The rude singing girl tried to snatch it from Larry, the security guard from Toyota center, when he picked it up for me. My husband and Larry kept a death grip on it until I got my hand on it. It literally brushed my middle finger on my left hand and fell to the floor. Dom SMILED right at me when he tossed the two sticks at the same time, and then turned to toss the others on the other side. I have to admit, I kinda melted. Even though I'm a "Wolstenbeast" fan. That said, those complaining about the stage weren't where I was!! Chris spent several songs in front of me. I nearly passed out from excitement when they brought the setlist, taped it down DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME, and then brought out a Mic. I was so excited!!! I have to admit, when Bliss played, I instantly started crying. Happy tears, of course! I have been waiting to hear that song live for 11 years, and even if Matt skipped singing falsetto, it was still beautiful and still heartwrenching for me. I am so, so, so blown away by this concert. I could barely walk out after it, seeing as I moshed with an old leg injury (muscle/tendon damage and a torn meniscus in my knee.. non weight bearing, calm down! ) and I had not eaten very well because the little bit of money I had was SUPPOSED to go to a shirt, but we couldn't stand in line any longer, as I barely could get up the steps to exit the floor. I'm not even sure how I did not fall, other than the barrier. :O My post on tumblr outlines some of the stuff that we saw and has a few more photos. Realized my husband got two excellent photos of Dom with my phone.. yay! And a great video of The Handler with Chris right in front of us *melts* anyway.. there is my two cents. Amazing show!
  7. By the way, I was some distance away at the concert last year, but I still managed to score at least one photo for you ladies. Let me look through them again. Personally I was appalled that the camera I borrowed took SO LONG to program... had I known it was that difficult I would have been at the opening musicians' performance to get it right. Whoops. My mistake! lol. That said, a few of the pics turned out downright amazing, in an artistic sort of way.
  8. HI GUYS... I know it's been forever, but If it is still available, I want to be the keeper of Matt's guitar slide in the National Anthem: and the keeper of Chris' Singing during Liquid State: If they aren't available, make them specific for March 12, 2013 Houston concert. LOL *determined*
  9. How did I get started in general, or in Chainmaille? hehe. Sorry for the delayed response, I rarely hop on to the forums, and when I do it's usually for a specific reason. Today was kind of a random "I should go say hi and see what's going on" moment. It's raining and dreary.. lol I actually just got featured on a blog last week, for the first time. I had to write up a little bit about how I got started and answer questions.. It was weird. http://handmadeartists.com/blog/featured-artist-bead-muse But awesome to find out I got randomly featured. ^_^ Chainmaille isn't hard, but it takes dedication and a sense of humor. It does take time and money to learn, but once you get some practice and start working on learning new weaves, even just by making segments, you can really get a feel for if the hobby is for you or not. I'm kind of failing at making a business out of it, but I keep plugging along anyway. I love creating, it's the photographing, editing, marketing, advertising, etc that is the hardest part! There's some great resources online for learning, and great groups on Facebook and forums online with artists that are always open to help.
  10. Oh my goodness, yes it is the worst! I haven't been on the forums much, busy working at my business for the holidays. I hope this year is my "Big break." My husband and I saw the guy in the Japan/Tokyo video of them live, he was following Matt while Matt greeted the crowd. I'm pretty sure he's Band security. ^_^ I'll try to get a screen shot of him. lol. I remember what he looks like.
  11. Well, so far no sign of the bracelets in gig photos... So... O_O about it. haha. I guess it will remain a mystery, huh?!
  12. Start a fundraiser online! I'm sure a lot of MUSERS would love to help you get your trip over there!! I'd certainly donate a few bucks. It's not much, but I'd hope someone would pass the favor back around to me in the future! I believe in "Pay It Forward." If someone does something nice for you, try to pay it forward to someone else in need of help or a nice gesture! There is Gofundme and kickstarter I'm sure there are others but those are the two I know of. GOOD LUCK POKEMEW AND CONGRATULATIONS!!
  13. I have been dancing around, singing, and every time I hear a song I saw live, I go back to the concert by closing my eyes. It's my happy place now. I keep watching every live video of them from this year too.. Can't wait to see live videos from the Stadium tours. I've been keeping an eye open to see if they are wearing the bracelets I gave to the security guy, as well. The wonder is killing me. I want to know.. Did they get them? I sure hope so, I'd hate to find out that they never got the notes and bracelets/cuffs.. :S
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