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Matt's Matte Black paint?


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I haven't played the mb1, only the se, but it didn't feel like nitro, and too hard for acrylic.

I could be wrong of course. Matt's guitars can't be nitro, they don't wear like you'd expect when they're thrown around. A nitro finish would show scars the first time you drop it.


Edit: Also, Mansons would definitely make a big deal if it was a nitro finish as that's harder to do well and more expensive than a 2-stage catalysed finish.

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only just saw this thread :p

When i was building and customising a guitar I asked hugh what paint he uses on the guitars and he said it was a pigmented lacquer and he also told me where he gets it from. its somewhere in exeter.


If you have any more details can you please pm me? #relevant

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