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Possible to get a presale code from a good soul ? ;)


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Hi fans!


I live in Québec and Muse will perform 23rd January in my city, wahou!!! the problem is that It's almost impossible to get a floor ticket. Let me explain ... there is new arena in Québec since september. People are crazy about this arena because they hope that a major league hockey team will play in this arena one day ... so 2 years ago, pretty rich people have paid between 4000$ and 8000$ in order to get seats in this arena for the futur hockey games. But by buying these seats that automatically get access to all presales of all the coming shows ever! so, since then it's almost impossible to get tickets ... indeed, there thousands of people who bought these seats, and they are allowed to buy 4 to 8 tickets for each show 2 days before the official sale like the fan clubs. So, you can easily imagine that there is nothing left at all for people like me who couldn't afford expensive seats.


Anyway, I'm a huge Muse fan since New Born, and maybe I'm dreaming but if someone doesn't use his presale code, would it be possible to get it for the big day using private message ... the presale starts on 21st October. I know I'm asking a lot but if you don't try you get nothing ...


Thanks in advance


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