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Site doesn't recognize my account!?


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I have issues with my old account. Suddenly I get the message that my account doesn't exist. While I subscribed somewhere in 2009 for The Resistance Tour.

I still got the confirmation e-mail that got send to me when I subscribed. All those years I kept receiving the Muse-newsletters and now when there are tickets available for the Drones Tour, the site doesn't recognize my account ??

I didn't know what to do, so I resubscribed with the same e-mail adres, cause I don't have any other. But then I got the message that I had to subscribe BEFORE 11 september 2015 to get access to the ticket pre-sale that started today.

I never unsubscribed, nor was I ever banned, or received an e-mail that said I had to resubscribe.


So basicly I'm screwed, cause I can't buy any tickets for the concert in Belgium right now and chances are high that there nearly won't be any tickets left for the regular sale next week. How can it be that I still receive the newsletter until this day, but I didn't receive a code for early acces, cause that site suddenly lost my account ??


I've contacted support a few days ago by mail, but still didn't receive an answer, which would be atleast a proper thing to do. Nor any compensation for the discomfort. :mad:

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Same problem here!! :mad:


Glad I'm not the only one.


I'll throw it out there but no guarantees that I can help you in any way.


Thanks for the effort Matthijs. I'm not blaming you, but the Muse-support is really terrible to be honest.

During the last week I've posted a message on this forum about this issue, contacted support 2 times already by mail and still not one reply. Which would just be a polite thing to do. Guess support just doesn't care about the community.


It's still an error, fault, mistake, call it what you want, caused by this site or the people who work there. I don't care, I just want this to be resolved.

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The regular sale is already sold out for the 2 days they were playing in my country.

I'm in a bloody QUEUE for 1 houre in advance, I get on the bloody page to order my ticket and when I get to the page to pay, this darn Ticketmaster-site gives me an error.




What do I have to do to get tickets, who do I have to ******* ???


- 1st I spill all my money on this darn MUSE for Life lottery.

- 2nd Then this bloody site doesn't recognize my account (which I made years ago) so I didn't get early access to the sales.

- 3th Meanwhile my father gets cancer, cause why not, my life was a walk in the park already (NOT!)

- 4th Today I'm 1 houre before the sales starts in the queue and when I do get in, the site gives me an error at the very end.


It seems like something or someone doesn't want me to go to see the concert and ofc. the support of Muse.mu and Ticketmaster sucks b***s cause they never respond to anything! :mad:

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