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Assassin Live at The Mayan


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has anyone seen this yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNWTiMeVM8g


It's soooo gooood. I really wasnt expecting to get hit by the Grand Omega Bosses bridge, aND IT SOUNDS SO FRIKKIN COOL WITH THE TIRO BASS EFFECT.

Skip to 3:45 to get right into the best part of the song :D


So im assuming matt's running his signal into an akai deep impact for that then?

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I doubt Matt ever used the Deep Impact


you got a good point, i came very close to that tone with whammy -1 octave and a little fuzz. im not sure how hes getting the tiro-style thing going on though, because in my effects tinkerings ive yet to figure out how to make it sound that deep and fuzzy and still have no audible pick attack on the strings

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