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I've come for advice on what you guys think. What do you think should be in an extended Muse collection? Digitally, I have everything they've released (EPs, Singles, Albums, Live Albums, Demos) and then some. But what I'm thinking of is my physical collection. What I currently own is the Showbiz CD, Origin of Symmetry CD, Hullabaloo 2CD, Absolution CD, Black Holes and Revelations CD, HAARP CD+DVD, The Resistance CD+DVD, The 2nd Law CD+DVD, Live at Rome Olympic Stadium CD+DVD and Drones CD+DVD. I also have Absolution Tour DVD and Hullabaloo 2DVD on the way. I've been a Muse fan since 2009, but I'm just a teen, and I've just gotten into hardcore collecting. Anyway, I was thinking I'd get the vinyl edition of each album once we either fix our turntable or get a new one, and possibly replace my Absolution CD with the CD+DVD edition. But what else do you think should be in my collection? Please note that I live in America, so anything too hard to get here, even on eBay, is out of the picture. I've also just got an extra jobs-allowance-detasseling salary, but I'll work that out.

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