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Advice for a Bootlegger?


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So my friend has successfully completed a fan multicam of Muse's live debut of "Dead Inside" from Brighton Dome, but when he tried to upload it onto YouTube, they removed it because of the copyrighted audio. According to him, this hasn't happened to him before. Do you have any tips for him--alternate sites to upload it to, ways of getting past YouTube's system, etc.?


Here's his specific post. Be warned that it contains lots of profanity.



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It's a recently released single and Muse are currently making profit out of it, so mostly every video that contains a good version of it is being shut down I suppose. They did it with my vids or Reapers and Psycho from Belfast so I guess they will do it with the Dead Inside vids as well.


There are many sites out there to circumvent Youtube's bullshit. Dailymotion, Vimeo, even Flickr would do the trick.

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