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Need a contact to use 3 songs for a Video


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Hello, My name is Louis Markoya, I am an artist and former protegee to Salvador Dali. I am having a large art show at an american college and the school asked me to make a short 3D film to show both at the exhibit and in their computer lab during the show. I put a lot of work into it and 2/3 through I realized that the Exogenesis trio from The Resistance would be a perfect score. Now that the flm is done and a few people have seen it, its been suggested that it is good enough to try and get in into a few short film festivals. While the credits list MUSE and the song selections, I wondered who would have to approve the use for this purpose (no profit)

The film is in Stereo 3D and would be happy to send a copy to the band and or management but you will need a passive 3D TV to view it. (Samsung, LG, others)

If someone here can help I'd appreciate it and you can drop me a line privately


Thank you

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