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2004-06-27 Glastonbury Festival - 10th Anniversary Remaster


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I don't post here very often so not sure what the etiquette is on posting download links etc, but I just upped this to musebootlegs.com :)







Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK

27th June 2004


10th Anniversary Definitive Edition


Audio glitches patched by ridleybradout

Remastered by JWB


Artwork by ridleybradout


June 2014




BBC Wildfeed > MPG > DVD > DVD Audio Extractor > WAV > Nero WaveEditor/Soundtrax for patching > CoolEdit for remaster > CD Wave Editor for track splitting > FLAC LEVEL 8


"This has been the best gig of our lives"


Voted by NME readers as the greatest performance at Glastonbury ever, Muse's headline performance on the Pyramid stage in 2004 was nothing short of extraordinary. Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis recalls: "People were sceptical initially about Muse as headliners. They were a bit: 'McCartney, Oasis, Muse? Hmmm.' But I was like, 'You watch!' and it really blew people's minds. It was the best performance of that year. Everyone in that audience was like, 'What is THIS?' and so it was probably the ultimate booking".


Every song in Muse's wonderfully paced set was played to perfection. The performance was captured by the BBC and released on the 'Absolution Tour' DVD in 2005, however two tracks (possibly the best ever performances of Citizen Erased and Stockholm Syndrome) were cut from the release, and the DVD audio mix left a lot to be desired. The original BBC broadcast of the full show has been circulating for the last decade as a fan-made DVD. Although the audio mix was arguably better than the official DVD, the BBC broadcast unfortunately contained a number of audio glitches and dropouts, most noticeably in New Born, Sing For Absolution, Time Is Running Out and Blackout.


In the lead-up to the 10th Anniversary of this classic show, I took it upon myself to manually patch up these glitches so that they are now audibly invisible. I also recruited remaster guru JWB to give the mix a bit of a face-lift, so that it now has some balls and sounds on par with an official release. The encore break between Plug In Baby and Blackout has also been shortened so that the show now fits on an 80 minute CD-R.


So please enjoy one of rock music's all-time greatest gigs, finally glitch-free, and in full.


Please trade freely and only convert to lossy/mp3 for personal use.




Main set

01 Hysteria

02 New Born

03 Sing For Absolution

04 Muscle Museum

05 Citizen Erased / (Take A Bow instrumental)

06 Apocalypse Please

07 Ruled By Secrecy

08 (Piano interlude) / Sunburn

09 (Glastonbury riff) / Butterflies & Hurricanes

10 Bliss

11 (Heartbreaker riff) / Time Is Running Out

12 Plug In Baby



13 Blackout

14 Stockholm Syndrome / (Execution Commentary riff + Agitated riff)



Dedicated to William Howard R.I.P.

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