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  1. I recently lost my entire Muse CD collection (including all CD/DVD singles) while moving house. It seems the box they were in was accidentally thrown out with an old cupboard so they are mostly likely now buried in a rubbish tip somewhere I was thinking rather than collecting each individual single again I would this time purchase the Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry and Absolution Box sets. If anyone is thinking of selling any/all of these, please send me a PM
  2. Thanks, but looking for the original files
  3. Could some kind soul please upload the two bonus tracks that were made available for free download from the HAARP microsite back in 2008? I seem to have lost them Microcuts (video) - 16th June Soldier's Poem (audio) - 16th June
  4. Hi all I've just realised that I'm missing a few of the Bank of Muse video downloads from a few years back. Does anyone have the original mp4 files they could share with me? Animals (Shepherd's Bush 2013-02-18) Dead Star (Shepherd's Bush 2013-02-18) Undisclosed Desires (Saitama 2013-01-23) I can hook you up with any other mp4s, Christmas gifts, etc. you might be missing in return Cheers!
  5. I don't post here very often so not sure what the etiquette is on posting download links etc, but I just upped this to musebootlegs.com
  6. If anyone has a spare hardcopy floor ticket in decent condition (i.e. mailed, not emailed/printed) - I lost mine on the way out and will swap for a spare copy of the setlist I picked up. Send me a PM to organise a swap
  7. Ditto More of a lurker than a poster here but I am a 'power user' over at musebootlegs and very much enjoyed the first iteration of this project. Would really appreciate being able to partake in any private release
  8. Sorry were sold some time ago, forgot to update post. Cheers.

  9. Hey!

    I'm interested in 1 of your Muse Amneville tickets.

    Is it possible for me to buy it?


    Anyway.. my e-mail is Vaffel@hot.ee :)

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