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Muse Dreams?


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Literally just had the best dream of my life. :happy:


Me and 2 friends were stood next to the runway almost on the barrier at a huge Muse stadium gig. We get maybe 7 songs into the set (yes I dreamt an entire first 3rd of a live show in my head :p) and all of a sudden Dom's arms basically stop working during the intro to bliss, like he can't lift them and is just flicking his wrists and rubbing the sticks against the drums.

I get the people around me to throw me over the bouncers (who has been surprisingly casual about all of us just wandering around the barriers up to this point) and onto the runway. I sprint down the runway and say to Dom that I know all the material and the extended outro. He gets up, hands me his sticks and we play bliss while thousands of cameras and flashes go off with all the co2 jets etc with a huge big finish ending. Matt and high fives me and Chris hugs me before Matt introduces me to the crowd and tells me I can come backstage for any of the gigs on the rest of the tour.

Then they fire up KoC and when the riff comes in run and leap off the side of the stage where I was initially stood and crowd surf until I woke up :LOL:

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