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Emirates stadium tour


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Hi guys,

I am hoping to buy tickets to see Muse at the emirates stadium in the next few days. I have had complications before at a Muse concert at the O2 arena where at the last minute I had to change plans with who I was going with since you had to be accompanied by an adult if you were 14 or younger.

I am 15 and I am wondering how old you have to be to get into the standing area or even into the stadium itself. I know at the O2 you had to be over 16. At the emirates, apparently if you buy a level one seat you can also access the standing area.

I would like to go with someone who is also 15 and I am just wondering if I would have to go with an adult over 18. I have called several ticket companies and the emirates stadium themselves and no one seems to know about this.

Someone please help me!

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according to the ticketmaster website under 14's have to be accompanied by an adult for unreserved seats/standing tickets at the Emirates, so you should be fine.


Any problems getting in and you could probably get away with just asking someone near you in the queue to say they're with you though

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