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presale access help please !!!


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I purchased presale tickets through the Muse website for the Tampa show this Sat.

Unfortunately, my email has changed and I am unable to access my ticket purchase confirmation. Who do I contact (and how) to receive this confirmation again???

Please help !!!!

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I just called the Forum box office who says they are aware of others having this issue (tickemaster does not have record of purchase if done directly through Muse website)

Supposedly if I show cc and ID at box office they can find tix even though they currently don't have documented record. That being said, I still would like a copy of my receipt emailed from Muse website or whoever just to be safe. That is what I cannot retrive. Seems simple...

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Nevermind, got it to sent.. we'll see response.

Thank you for help.


I had the same issue with the FLL show for Friday


Here's some information to help you:


The presale was done through here:



Problem is that we no longer have the code to log in.


But here is musictoday's email and help page:





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