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  1. From a Legacy member perspective, I thought the presale went smooth. I got my text at 7:45 am this morning, had my passcode ready to go. Logged in and got pit at 10:01 for West Palm.
  2. I had the same issue with the FLL show for Friday Here's some information to help you: The presale was done through here: http://muse.tickets.musictoday.com/Muse/calendar.aspx Problem is that we no longer have the code to log in. But here is musictoday's email and help page: tix@musictoday.com http://muse.tickets.musictoday.com/Muse/Policy.aspx?type=3
  3. Hi Guys, I'm supposed to go to the Muse show on Friday in Fort Lauderdale, but can't find my presale email. Does anyone remember what company (i.e. crowdsurge, LN, etc.) did the presale for the band? Also, does anyone know if tickets were mailed or is it will-call? I tried emailing Muse through their multiple option to no avail/response. Thanks for any help. It's truly appreciated.
  4. you are better off emailing LiveNation's VIP department and play it under the disguise of "looking for VIP" seats for upcoming shows. Then ask them if Muse will be down here... williejohnson@livenation.com
  5. cool about the facebook group but I didn't post it there, someone must have forwarded it on... either way, a second radio personality from the tampa station emailed me back Danielle: I’m not sure how he heard that on the radio (because if someone said that we would be announcing a Muse show after the BBQ – bc that would be pretty much announcing the show right then and there…) but wouldn’t spend your $2,000 yet (thinking of going to ACL) so she is implying there will be a show announcement as well....
  6. got better things to do then mess with you guys. just a big fan who doesn't usually post. email shark yourself if it makes you feel better. But, like you, I'm SFLA and I'm hoping for a show at Bank Atlantic or AAA shark@coxradio.com
  7. All right Florida Muse fans.... Just spoke to "Shark" from 97x in Tampa via email. Here's how the conversation went: Gatr9197: My brother mentioned to me that he heard on the radio you guys were going to be announcing a Muse show after your Memorial Day BBQ party at Vinoy Park. Do you guys have any news about this? You're going to save me about 2 grand b/c otherwise I'm heading to ACL so any info would be greatly appreciated. Shark: Hey man, the tentative (almost confirmed) date for Muse will be October 29th at St. Pete Times Forum. We get the official announcement this week…thanks! As excited I am for this, don't jump the boat yet, because Pearl Jam supposedly had a date down here that was canceled last minute. Just keep praying it gets done and hopefully they won't cancel it on us...... Plus, hopefully they will give us a south florida date and I can see them 2x...
  8. Spoke to two reps who work out of the VIP sales dept of SFLA livenation and they said they haven't heard anything about Muse coming down. They've been upfront with me in the past on other shows in WPB and Miami b/c I end up buying tix from them so sadly don't hold your breath. Looks like this sealed my ACL fate.
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