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Hello folks,


I'm currently getting some stuff together to make 2 little websites. Both will be VERY simple (one even simpler than the other), but I need a bit of help with them. I'm planning on using this opportunity to possibly learn Dreamweaver, unless there's an easier way to do it. Before I go and register for webspace etc, I'm going to try to get the bulk of the work done, or at the very least, a decent "under construction" type setup, although personally, I think they look a bit half-assed, even the good ones.


I'll give you guys a little idea of what the 2 sites are going to be, and then if anyone has any good ideas on where to start/what to look for etc etc, that would be ace. :)




Website 1: Musician/Artist Page

Ok this one is probably the simpler of the two. I'm just looking to have a background image that will automatically stretch/resize to the viewers browser (eg: http://www.stereomood.com/) with a single small logo image in the centre, and just underneath it, a soundcloud player. That's it. I'll be able to do any other updates to that one myself.




Website 2: Architectural Portfolio/CV type page

This one is a little trickier. I want to be able to do the same auto-resizing background as the above one, but it'll be different on each page. What I would ideally like is some sort of pop-out menu on the right, with links to various projects I've worked on. Each project page will just have a 3x3 grid of images in the middle that when you click them, they'll enlarge and show a little overlay of text on what the project/image is about. I suspect that'll need to be done in something fancy like flash or whatever, but I haven't a clue where to start with that. If any of you are familiar with the older versions of Olly's site, something similar to that.




That's basically it. I'll probably start with the 1st one, and do the 2nd one over the next few months. I really don't need it till about May.


So, 1. How difficult is it to do those? 2. Where do I start?

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