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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice. I'm trying to set up my own rig for my band. I was going to buy a PA (set of Top speakers/set of Bottoms and a power amp) and a couple of sets of in ear monitors(one for each band member). Any suggestions for what to buy on a budget for those would be awesome but what I really need help with is the choice of mixer desk. I need something that is capable of not only having (obviously) the main FOH mix but also having up to 4 separate mixes for the monitors. Sharing monitors is not an option as we're planning on using in ear ones (because they are so much smaller). I've read everything I could find on the internet but the best I can find is the Allen & Heath Zed14. However, even at that, from what I can see, you can only have two different monitor mixes. If I'm missing something then I'd appreciate someone explaining it to me. Thanks in advance. (:

Please bare in mind that money and space needed would be best kept to the minimum haha. Also the setup will be for small-medium sized venues but mostly small.

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