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    Guitar Cab Mics

    Everything from really shitty clubs that hold 200 people to outdoor festival type gigs where it could be a couple of thousand. Also, I want to start mic'ing up my amp during rehearsals, getting everyone else to do the same. Then we'll just run off monitors. Beats just turning amps up till my ears bleed.
  2. Hey I'm running a bit of an odd set up. I've got a Fender Mustang 3 as my main amp (i use it to get the fender deluxe or fender twin sound), i then run that through a blackstar HT-Dual and a Fuzz Factory. I'm looking for a good mic for my amp to use live. I've heard the standard choices are the Shure SM57 and the Sennheiser E602 but I'm going for a very mid range kind of tone. Not unlike bellamy's (hence why i posted this here) and was wondering if there might be a microphone better suited to my specific set up other than the standard choices.
  3. This version of stockholm has a different tone from almost every other version. He appears to be using the internal fuzz probe but what else is going on in the signal? Also, during the solo, how does he get that really long phaser effect? And what wah effect has added on for the riff?
  4. basically all I need is to be able to use two guitars during a gig but using the same receiver and separate transmitters. Not having to switch different transmitters on and off all the time would be better as well. Any suggestions product wise? I've been looking around but not got very far.
  5. Was interested to know if it works. I was looking at the AKG WMS 40 Pro and liked it but was struggling to find a place where you can buy more of the transmitters intended to be used with it. So given that its a multi channel receiver, can you use multiple transmitters with it? (it says simultaneous use) Also, would any transmitter on the same frequency as one of the nine channels work with the receiver or does it need to be the one specifically designed for the receiver?
  6. i know what yous are saying, its just being able to try before i buy is either not an option or a real pain in the arse where I live haha. The only good guitar shops are in the city and carting my entire rig there would be impractical. Especially since there product lines are so much more limited than online buying. At the end of the day, id i dont like some I buy, I can always send it back. I think you're right about my obsession of specifications however though :L I just want something that'll do the job and sound awesome :L I'll let you's know whenever I make any major changes on my rig! (:
  7. its 65w, it should be loud enough but yeah, I usually sit whatever amp I'm using on top of whatever cabs there anyhow (:
  8. I reckon I'm going to go for the fender since I have found a cheap one and get a blackstar dual. The reason being, I like clean tone on the fender, the blackstar has awesome tones and the fender is very loud yet very small. Only thing I might do is swap the speaker, any suggestions? Remembering I need the clean headroom. Thanks for all the feedback, you guys have been great!
  9. Haha, I understand now. There more and more I research, the more I'm coming round to the idea of getting a combo though :/. Just cba trucking it around everywhere. Also, choosing one is a nightmare. I need something that wouldn't break up at louder volumes. I need this because the versatility of being able of to go from completely clean to metal tones and everything in between important to me. Was thinking of getting a lower end solid state fender combo (due to its clean headroom) and putting one of blackstar tube pre amp pedals in front of it. Just don't know how the fender speaker would react with putting a lot of distortion through it.
  10. I go between headphones and amp at the moment. Amp obviously sounds better. But I dont see how I'm DI'ing it. I'm talking about running a dirt pedal (like one of those tube blackstar ones) into a power amp and then into a cab. Unless I'm being nooby and missing something haha, how is that DI'ed?
  11. well what if i use a dirt pedal after the fuzz on just enough for pre-amp? I could also buy an EQ pedal for last in the chain. Would that make an impact? Some of the dirt pedals can be really quite good, the blackstar pedals seem to literally just haul out the blackstar amp distortion and through it in a pedal. Although, I prefer the sound of the zvex distortron.
  12. I'm looking and have decided to get the VHT special 2x12 cab. http://www.thomann.de/gb/vht_special_speakercabav_sp_212vht.htm One thing i need to know however is whether or not the speakers are wired in parallel or in series. The speakers in it (I'm told) are 16ohm speakers. When its in stereo mode, the impedence is 16 ohm per input. When its in mono mode, the impedence is 8ohm per input (its dual mono). That suggests to me that the speakers are wired in parallel because when in mono the total impedence is 8ohm with two 16ohm speakers. However I would feel safer if someone gave me confirmation haha. Also, to get maximum output from the power amp I'm buying, I need a 4ohm load. I thinking of running both channels on the power amp to the cab (putting the cab in dual mono). However, there still would only be a 8ohm load for each channel. I need a 4ohm load for each channel. Would it be safe to swap the 16ohm speakers for 8ohm ones? To me, that should equate to a 4ohm load but I really would rather know before trying it haha. Thanks for the help, I know I've had a lot of annoying questions! (:
  13. Right ok, i get what yous are saying (: My current setup is at its most basic form. I use a Korg Ax3000g for everything, amp models, the lot(and yes I sometimes use the direct output and plug it straight into the desk- if the soundman knows what he's doing). However, while i like the effects on it, the amp models are really quite bad(especially the fuzz). So I was going to get a couple of distortion/OD and fuzz pedals to basically act as a pre amp (hence why I want a clean as possible bypass signal). So I need a power amp that wont break up as it gets cranked and a suitable cab to go with it. Ideally for me, most of the time, amps are already at venues. So i could plug from the speaker outputs of the power amp straight into the cab and be miked up.(I can always phone ahead and ask what the impedence on the speakers is). After I was on here last night, I was looking at alternatively to the magnum (because the sound breaks up as it gets cranked) and I saw a 'rocktron velocity 100' power amp. The 100w gets split between two channels and you need an annoying 4ohm impedence to get the 50w from each channel. That being said, even at 8ohm you still get over 40. It also seems like you can set it up so that you use both channels (take advantage of all the power output) and run a stereo rig. This however would require 2 cabs and tbh, right now, I'm not that bothered about a stereo rig. So after more research I definitely think the Rocktron is a better option, the only issue is finding the right cab. Also, how will this sound? obviously if you arent using an actual amp set up, the tone will be compromised. Thanks for all the feedback!
  14. I saw this afterwards and saw it was a hell of a lot smaller and cheaper haha. The way I see it, if I can get a fairly cheap (powerful enough) clean sound, then I can spend the money on pedals to get my actual tone. All I really want is a cheap, LOUD clean tone that doesnt break up. Also, if I could use something as small as a power amp, it would make transportation to and from gigs much easier. Most venues I play in have cabs already and even ones that dont, carrying one cab is easier or at worst the same as any other rig I could get.
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