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Muse to return to Coke Live in Poland in 2011?


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According to the website article below, Muse will play at Coke Live on 20/21 August 2011:




It reads:

Coke Live Music Festival 2011 2011-08-19 - 2011-08-20

This year’s Coke Live Music Festival is going to be a turning point. On 20-21 August, Muse, The Chemical Brothers, N.E.R.D. and 30 Seconds To Mars will be playing in Kraków. This promises to be the most alternative festival in the event’s history.


In the five years since its debut, the organisers have attempted to transform the event into a classic summer festival. “The event is extending its range with guitar music and is changing its profile from a city festival to a classic summer festival,” says Mikołaj Ziółkowski of Alter Art. The bands invited to this year’s Coke Festival confirm this view.



What confuses me is that it says 2011 although Muse were there in 2010.


Please tell me it's just this website above making a mistake! Because if i'm right ReadingLeeds was just a European exclusive right?

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