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Books for Song Inspirations for Matt


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So we all know that a lot of books that Matt has read has been an inspiration for songs. The Grand Chessboard, 1984, Confessions of an Economic Hitman etc. I wanted to create a thread to share books that you've recently read that Muse could write a song about. And maybe Matt will read this thread and check out some of the books we recommended :)


One book that I loved was Yellow Blue Tibia by Adam Roberts. The background to the plot is that after World War 2, Stalin orders some science fiction writers to come up with a made up alien threat to the world so that the world can unite behind Communism because he fears that since the war is over and that the Soviet Union will probably prevail over USA, there won't be a common enemy to unite people and that communism will decay. After nearly completing the story the writers are asked to scrap their project and not to speak of it. The story follows one of those writers as he finds out that the events of their imagination is starting to come true (for example they imagined radiation aliens attacking the Ukraine, then Chernobyl happens). In the end he finds that aliens actually exist but can move between alternate realities. Thats why its so rare and hard to see them. Interesting no?


Any good readings you guys know about?

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