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  1. Something that needs to be said about this thread, and board in general, is that a lot of the discussion that occurs is just a bunch of people talking out of their asses. That said, I'm not getting at the fact that some people aren't Muse fans. Hell, we all love Muse whether it be because of their early work, most recent work, or everything they have done. However, when this love gets concentrated into one forum, into one thread, into one question; it somehow turns into an over-analyzed-bullshit-super-Muse-fan's opinion about the forum, thread, question, or what-have-you. So to say, "The thread is a bit upsetting." is quite the understatement.
  2. Just curious. I would love to see how he sings in studio compared to live. If there are any videos out there please post them.
  3. If you aren't being a troll then you are just being a complete moron. It's not illegal to make your own merchandise using the band's name/logo unless you are making money off of it. Same reason someone can make a 4-5 hour video of the Reading concert and not get in trouble. Not to mention the Muse store has a terrible selection of merchandise, making your own gets more and more appealing as time goes by.
  4. I got really excited for like 2 seconds :[ anywho, happy birthday dommy!!!
  5. this pic makes me smile with happiness and excitement ^_^
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