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  1. On 6/11/2019 at 7:55 PM, Jobby said:

    Actually how

    I’d love a pick so much but figure there’s literally no point asking for one ‘cos, once he throws it, the wind’s taking it anywhere. Then obvs your only other option is being the one hand in tens of thousands that could catch one randomly. Seen crew hand them out sometimes but I’m always too nervous to chat to them lmao.

    I was the one hand in ten thousand! I was on GA barrier and Matt threw his remaining plectrums out at the end from the B stage, and one hit me square in the palm of the hand; it fell on the floor and no one could reach because of the barrier so I screamed "THAT is MINE!!" at the security guard and he picked it up and gave it me back :D

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  2. 13 hours ago, matilda8 said:

    Just awful, and so dangerous.....could’ve been catastrophic. Idiots! 😡

    It was bloody terrifying being in it. I was at the front of the crowd coming in at the top of that video, was an absolute nightmare.

    The actual gig, however, was fucking amazing. As was Tom Morello! Bless the security guards for trying to calm down a moshpit during Killing In The Name. No prizes for guessing which bit they tried it in either. Such fun 😄

  3. On 2/14/2019 at 3:27 PM, Jobby said:

    We also need a name for our new big metal lad at the back

    Can’t remember where ‘Charles’ came from before but I see this one as more of a Frank or Ed personally

    Can't use Frank either, Queen have taken that.

  4. TV and BITM might be in my top 20 but I’m hesitant of making that claim still so early


    I think BITM will make it into mine. Algorithm maybe also. But BITM I just LOVE so much.


    I remember saying the same about Animals




    Jobby did you get Dom's first or second stick?

  5. I guess it's to go with the "clean slate and buried war crimes" bit but it's just a little bit too...much. Although sometimes I read the news about tear gassing children and think well... :mad:


    I imagine Matt knows exactly what the Final Solution was. I am distressed (but alas not surprised) that anyone doesn't.

  6. My take, fwiw.


    Algorithm: 9/10

    The Dark Side: 7/10

    Pressure: 7/10

    Propaganda: oh Matt no/10

    Break It To Me: 10/10 I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH

    Something Human: 3/10

    Thought Contagion: 7/10

    Get Up And Fight: 0/10 I have (actual, real) personal issues with this song, NOPE

    Blockades: 8/10

    Dig Down: 4/10

    The Void: 9/10


    Algorithm AR: 10/10 absolute earblasting facemelting god-tier glorious NOISE

    The Dark Side AR: 7/10

    Propaganda acoustic: oh Matt please no/10

    Something Human acoustic: 4/10

    Dig Down gospel: 8/10

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