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  1. Hi I'd like to play Invincible on piano, but I'm really terrible at playing by ear... So I was wondering, does anyone have piano sheets for this song ? If you have it, it would be very kind sending me a PM or telling me here Thanks !
  2. Wow I didn't think it would be so hard to choose and rank 10 songs This list often changes, but at the moment I'd say : 1. Exogenesis Symphony - Part 3 : Redemption 2. The Globalist + Drones 3. Megalomania 4. Invincible 5. Screenager 6. Hysteria 7. Madness 8. New Born 9. Stockholm Syndrome 10. Animals (+ Undisclosed Desires, Butterflies & Hurricanes, Sunburn, Blackout, Hoodoo...)
  3. Hi I discovered Muse really recently, in March. I've always loved music, but I didn't really like the one on the radio... I went on YouTube (like every day ^^) and I saw the Psycho video on the home page. I had already heard about Muse and I listened to this, and then I watched other Muse videos thanks to the suggestions of YouTube ! And I loved them So I'm a recent fan, but I guess it's gonna last ^^
  4. Haha you're right, it's pretty good ! And thanks @Johi36 for the link !
  5. Oh, I never listened to Royal Blood, I'll check it out ! Yeah, you're right ^^ I hope it will be possible for me to see them next year, in a city not too far from mine !
  6. For those who would like to watch the gig, here is a link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unjoafwvSv4 (or if the first one doesn't work : http://www.muse-france.com/live-chat/, it's the website for Muse's French fans ^^)
  7. Thanks @madcowjo I really wanted to go there with a friend, but our parents said no because we were too young (doesn't matter, we'll go to another festival next year ) Oh, I'm sure you won't be the only English person ! Arras isn't really far from England, I mean, it's located in the North of France so I think several English people will be there ^^ I'll be watching the show on the internet (I hope my internet connection will be better than last night for Roskilde Festival !).
  8. I just found out that the concert will be broadcast live on the internet ! http://www.code-making-machine.com/mainSquare/ The message says : "For the first time this year, the Main Square Festival offers everyone the opportunity to attend their favourite artists' concerts ! From July 3 to 5, every day, several concerts will be broadcast live, for free and with no advertising, on the festival website http://www.mainsquarefestival.fr. All Muse fans who could not get tickets for Saturday, July 4 will have the opportunity to watch live the full gig. It's the same for Rival Sons, Madeon,George Ezra, Sheppard, Oscar And The Wolf and Rone (among others) ! Full details will be available from Thursday, July the 2nd on http://www.mainsquarefestival.fr." Sorry for the possible mistakes, my English is not perfect at all !
  9. Hi Excuse me, but do you know if this gig will be available in streaming on the internet or TV ? Thank you in advance PS : Sorry for my English, there must be some mistakes
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