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  1. Hmm...I've heard some things that sound inspired by Rachmaninov, but I wasn't aware of even smaller borrowed excerpts. I'm a bit curious about this now; what's the most prominent example? is IBTY one of them? AnywaysI would doubt any of those Rach themes were borrowed to support specific images expressed by the lyrics because Rachmaninov doesn't really have imagery associated with his works. In the case of the Globalist, the reference to the "great hunter" piece is part of the imagery of the song. Diluting the piece would dilute the image for me. I'm not trying to sway anyone's opinion, but I think this instance is unique in that the image associated with a classical piece matches imagery within the lyrics of the song. I'd be very interested if anyone here has discovered something else like that in Muse's catalogue.
  2. Ah got it. That makes sense now, but now I disagree that it would make it better because the connection to the lyrics makes too much sense. It would be a bit harder to pick up if it was only inspired or a smaller excerpt because a lot of classical pieces are difficult to discriminate from each other and they wouldn't have to cite it in the album credits necessarily. We'll probably agree to disagree on this one.
  3. Lyrics are on point in this one. As somebody else mentioned earlier, the piano part is based on Elgar's Nimrod...Nimrod is a mythological figure known as a great hunter, and Bellamy sings about how "it's human nature. The greatest hunter will rule them all." There are a few other hidden references in here as well that have made the song grow on me. I'd change my "somewhat" poll response to a "yes" now if I could. I wish there were more subtle moments in the other songs on this album.
  4. Not according to henner's 2 posts that followed...it sounded convincing to me.
  5. I actually ended up voting for Dead Inside as my favorite for the survey thread and the live poll. It was between this and Reapers for me, but I saw that Dead Inside wasn't getting a lot of love so I gave the tiebreaker to it Those two are monsters, but this one is so catchy and gives me the feels.
  6. Yeah, I figured as much. It's funny how some people have reviewed this album as Muse saying "drones r bad" when really they're exploring the ideas of human manipulation/control within society or relationships using drones as a metaphor (because drones are also under "remote control"). Also, I knew there were a lot of other uses for drones but I wasn't aware that what you described was one of them. Interesting stuff!
  7. Wow...I had heard Nimrod before, but hadn't bothered to think about the context before...That's a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that Nimrod wasn't just chosen for it's structure. Although I find your first point to be a bit of a stretch, your reasoning checks out with me. I'm going to renege my first complaint about choosing that piece instead of composing. I'd like to think Matt went through a similar thought process.
  8. I've heard this song enough times to form an opinion on it...I like it, but I do have a few qualms with it. The first being the nimrod copy...Matt can write good piano; why did he feel the need to borrow instead of compose? It sounds lovely though, and I like what he did with it. My second gripe has been echoed by a few people already, but it really doesn't flow as well as it could/should. I actually think the transition to the massive riff is okay, but the transition to the piano is really jarring. It's like it interrupts the last chord of the guitar, and there's no time to breathe and acknowledge that the chaos is over. In the context of the story I feel like the protagonist would take a short moment either out of shock or just to contemplate the amount of destruction, and as a listener I want the time to properly visualize it and process as well. But nope, we jump right in with the...rage? Grief? It's kind of ambiguous as to what the protagonist is feeling (ambiguous for once; that's not a complaint just an observation). Finally I think the last line "I just wanted to be loved" is pretty poignant, and in my opinion they should've just ended with that instead of Drones, as delightful as Matt's singing is. Find a way to resolve it and end the song/album there. Instead The Globalist ends with harmonic tension so it doesn't feel resolved (which makes the transition to Drones harmonically necessary). So now we have a 10 minute track that doesn't even feel finished in isolation. It's a fun ride but a missed opportunity to be truly evocative in my opinion.
  9. Whatever floats your boat mate...Some of these would go in my worst, quite honestly. I realized you weren't joking when I saw USoE which actually has a memorable piano part. Also, I reckon you are the true champion of Big Freeze on this board. I'll give you props for unapologetically putting your unpopular opinion out there.
  10. First of all, I'm left wanting to know more about your work, and what the techs do...Second of all, Mercy is a "pick me up" song for you? Your life must be pretty tough then. Disclaimer: I'm saying that because the lyrics are dark, not because I'm trying to pick on the song.
  11. I personally enjoy it, and I'm unashamed to say so...However, I couldn't imagine picking it as my favorite from Drones since there are other memorable tracks that are much more technically impressive. Also, my survey response is coming, but first I need to revisit some classic Muse albums for reference for the album ranking portion
  12. You know not everyone thinks U2 is crap.... That aside I think the ending shouldn't have been that group sing a-long thing it became (when Mutt Lange starts singing). Save that for the live shows; it doesn't belong on the album in my opinion. It's like the last album in Explorers when they add in the drums and bells...WHY?
  13. Yeah...I was mainly thinking of the other music videos. Dead Inside the "protagonist" dancer is male, and in Reapers and Psycho the victim/protagonist is male. I didn't say it was a bad video, I just was hoping it would be more consistent with the previously released videos and the song itself. Now I'm left feeling like the video kind of betrays the album concept a bit. Just my opinion though.
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