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  1. Can we expect any proshots from this gig?
  2. Didn't he always have the tendency to move away from microphone by the end of the line?
  3. EyeMaze

    An EP?

    I'm confused. Is VR going to be actually topic for this EP? I thought that music video will be watchable in VR and that's it. Anyway I don't know how politics would fit into it. Hovewer big, bad corporation might be something. For example this picture always gives me creeps for some reason https://blogs-images.forbes.com/davidthier/files/2016/02/12719113_10102665120179591_3471165635858509622_o-1200x799-1200x799.jpg
  4. Maybe they just noticed the rising popularity of this kind of music and wanted to hop on a train, just like Unsustainable in 2012. Second clip looks more promising, that dude with "headgear" in first one was super weird.
  5. EyeMaze

    An EP?

    Do you think they'll release anything before the first gig? There's not much time left.
  6. Week ago Matt posted a photo of running with a guy who is personal trainer. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQEi4KgA1F0/?hl=pl&taken-by=mattbellamy Could it be he is actually preparing for the tour this time?
  7. I don't get this negative attitude of some people around here. I'm from Poland so most likely I'll never get to see club gigs in my country too, but I'm happy they're doing it at least for some fans in UK/France while rest of us can watch it later online. And if some people expect Muse to do it worldwide is even more hilarious.
  8. I've prepared myself for the same disappointment yesterday in Kraków, as it was their third day in a row and they played setlist like this, lol. The pace in the beginning was so sick I actually was ok with usual second leg of setlist. It sucks festival experiences can be so uneven.
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