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  1. Sometimes it's just not worth the bother. I made my point, then jobby proves it by bringing up me calling someone a moron, even though i used the term "jokes" ironically. However when i am rudely called a pleb and i have to take it as a joke. If you guys can't understand what online bullying is, then i will let you have the win.
  2. I have listened to the album pretty well none stop since its release. Even songs like Break it to me i have made a point of ,as i have made it know that i dislike the song. Whilst there are some good songs, i have grown weary of it already. It's back to shuffle mode, to fight with all my music, Most Muse new releases i have played almost exclusively for the first few months. Maybe pre-releasing the singles well in advance of the album may have spoiled it for me.
  3. Oh dear, you have to be unbelievably pedantic to go back and find those quotes just to prove a point. I will let you win the argument just on effort. Thin fam? Really?
  4. Lol go back and read the thread on the new album, words like troll are thrown around at those that don't agree with a subset of posters. Then the same posters jump on and start on the so called troll with in-jokes etc..: Geez that is called an observation not an opinion.
  5. If you are then that's good. My original point stands that you and others do seem to bully those that have an opinion that differs from your own. Yesterday i even got called a pleb.
  6. Ignoring the insult. I think the song song sounds like Jai Ho and yes i know it's by the Pussycat Dolls.
  7. You know what, you are one of a number of posters that sit on this board ready to jump on and bully anyone with a contrary view to your own. Maybe you spend too much time on here and should as a normal 27 year old get out and enjoy life.
  8. At least i'm not too lazy to write it out in full. Rage Against the Machine.
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