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  1. It looks awesome, a little more vivid colors at last. That guitar would look even more in line with the album with some pink LEDs on that strip. If my wallet can handle this “new Manson every year” thing, I’ll be happy to order a new signature from this era (if they ever release it).
  2. The pitch shifter on the Axe FX 3 was recently updated, but I haven’t tried my unsustainable patch since. For downtuning it’s working pretty well (if you go too far up or down the artifacts sound more noticeable and the tone loses some meat but that happens with the Digitech too). The problem I had with my automated whammy patches there was that they “felt” different. I think the Whammy V and the KP2 will be staying in my rack (although i’m using the KP for like 1 minute a month max). Btw, I always put the whammy first on my signal chain and I try to boost the resulting signal with some compression and a little extra OD immediately after. It’s hard to tell what’s happening on the video, but there could be lots of studio wizardry behind that tone (multitracking etc), but I think you’re nailing it on your clip.
  3. I see 😂😂 I have two midi files, I got the first one on this forum years ago from Dominic IIRC (Dominic Green on Youtube). Then I TRIED to make one when I got my Axe FX III. I wanted to replace my Whammy V in order to free some space on my rack, but the sequence I programmed sounded like shit (it was totally my fault). So I’ll stick to my Whammy V.
  4. Yes, Santa 2.0. I was too late and missed the chance to reserve one at first (I’d just switched jobs and was going to move to a new home when it was announced in late 2017). I ordered a MA-25S a few months later and last month I saw that they had a Santa available so I ordered it. Technically I’ve waited for just over a month, but I’ve been waiting for this chance for so many years that the waiting is killing me! haha
  5. It is a Sustainiac for sure, I was there (and the MTV video was leaked somewhere).
  6. Both single coil and humbucker sized Sustainiacs are the same, so I suppose it's an aesthetic choice.
  7. Searching through my camera roll I found a better video, here’s a screen capture Edit: Yesterday's Pressure was just broadcasted on MTV, you can see the guitar there
  8. I have a few Instagram stories (Alsosj) he is using it on Pressure, although the quality isn’t great.
  9. Yesterday I saw a new MB guitar @ Bilbao (black with humbucker sized sustainiac. with a purple stripe around the body and some LED (not the guitar he uses for Dig Down)). Possible new signature model for 2019? It looked really cool. I don’t know if this was his first public performance with that guitar.
  10. That might be a good idea, although the shipping might be expensive.
  11. 16 days from ordering to shipping. After that the shipment arrived in 4 working days.
  12. I bought Drone #88 (my birth year). I'm looking for the KP2 (which I think is the one with the SMBH solo effect), but it's really really hard to find. It's my first XY guitar so I can't compare it to others, but I think it has the same size as the other models, I might be the picture tricking your eyes haha.