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  1. On 3/20/2019 at 2:38 AM, james90 said:


    It might have the wrong program change CCs. I know the whammy 4 and 5 don't match what's in the manual (at least mine don't) and I have to subtract 1 from them, so I did the same for the DT. Maybe that's not the case. Does it start on -2 octave?


    Thought I'd replied before but the new board keeps signing me out.

    Yeah it starts on -2, so the program change CCs are right, it must be the way cubase is set so I'll mess about with it some more.

    Haven't had time to try the whammy 4 yet... also might have misplaced the power supply :facepalm:

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  2. On 3/16/2019 at 1:43 AM, james90 said:


    Is that the file that's floating around in a certain facebook group? It shouldn't be happening with that one

    And I know why it's doing it. It's just that I can't figure out how to transfer the automation data properly. Even importing the MIDI file back into Logic gives the same result... (see example below)

    it seems to be a function that the DAW is responsible for, which isn't actually saved to a MIDI file.

    Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.38.11 PM.png


    It is. I can't get the whammy parts to sound the same as your video though.

    Cubase shows the automation as a solid line like that picture, so I'm not sure what's causing it to sound glitchy. Maybe some MIDI setting deep in a menu I haven't found yet/don't know how to use.


  3. 6 hours ago, james90 said:

    Also, anyone using cubase for this? Trying to transfer the MIDI file to a cubase project, but haven't figured out how to import the automation properly. Program changes seem to be fine though.

    I tried with cubase a few days ago, but it makes the automation sound all glitchy so it's not smooth at all. 

    I haven't got a clue how to use it properly to set the automation to be smoother though :facepalm:.

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  4. 2 hours ago, james90 said:

    That's four of us then




    Or has Dave left again?


    Why thank you. And why on earth did you do that? Especially with those perks available... 🤫



     Bs is here so K&T is still alive.

    I haven't installed Cubase on my new laptop yet :facepalm: #soon.

    Trying to play it with -1 octave and the treadle doesn't work at all but still sounds miles better than a certain cover on youtube with an inexpiable number of views.

  5. On 2/24/2019 at 2:10 PM, james90 said:


    But I don't know. I'll let the rest of you (all three of you? What happened to nerd herd?) have a listen and decide if it sounds closer.

    Bit late, but I'm still here.

    Your unsustainable cover is absolutely brilliant!

    I tried playing it for the first time in ages with the treadle on my whammy and it sounded worse than I remembered :LOL:

  6. Anyone still here? nerd herd? Matthijs? Jaicen?






    @nerd herd, the offer is still on the table for those fret erasers (at least until #afterbreakfast) but I've just tried out Music Nomad FRINE


    I might switch to this. While it doesn't remove scratches like the more abrasive fret erasers do, it removes all the texan mojo and does it a lot quicker.


    They warn you not to get any on the fretboard itself (guards are included for this) but supposedly it's harmless if it's cleaned off right away.


    Always here :ninja:


    I can’t find any old recipe irn bru so it wouldn’t be a fair swap.


    I’ve heard loads of good things about the Music Nomad stuff. Need to try some of their matt/satin finish cleaner on my MB.


    For the break it to me solo, it sometimes sounds like setting 75 on a KP2 and scratching the strings, but I’m not sure. It always looks like he’s touching the xy pad, but might be controlling some other MIDI magic gear.

  7. Happy new year


    Hank's probably has the best inventory overall. The staff seems pretty nice as well.


    There is also a shop at the beginning of the strip on the right. Can't remember what it's called, but worth visiting as they had songs off SFTD and Rated R playing. Respect.








    I'm not sure what part is the most :facepalm: worthy.


    I didn't even look at the names of half of the shops, but there was scaffolding all up one side of the street so that covered a lot of them.


    That bit about upgraded Squires being American Fenders is pretty special. There isn't a massive jump between Mexican & American Fenders from the ones I've played though, but both of mine are Mexican so I might be biased a bit.

  8. And why? It's technically CBS era, so the only thing to be scared of is it being shit :nerd:


    It may well have been shit :LOL: Didn't see any pre-CBS Fenders anywhere though which was a surprise, but Hank's had quite a lot of snazzy old stuff.




    I didn't speak about this here, but since you mentioned Denmark Street on instagram... Last time I was there, I was trying out some pedals in the "yellow" shop with one other guy... we essentially got kicked out after 30 minutes. The employee's excuse was that they had customers coming in and out and it wasn't really the place to try out gear. Was a poor excuse really, as no one had been by in the past 10-15 minutes. Plus one of the people that did come through gave the thumbs up on the QOTSA riff I was playing. Lad. :love:


    Worst part is that this was after I actually paid for something. I have a feeling it was the other employee (who mysteriously disappeared a few minutes before...) that told him to do this, as I think he felt a bit guilty and gave us a free patch cable... Bit of a shame really. It used to be my favorite shop there, but the inventory isn't what it used to be, and the customer service used to be the best of the lot... now it's the worst. Probably since a certain individual left (Jaicen knows who I'm talking about... such a fine girl)




    But... the shop is the best place to try the gear



    Getting a free patch cable is decent though.


    edit: also, happy new year!

  9. Oh right, where everyone gets an OC-2?


    I don't know of ANY Absolution era gig where he destroys an ibanez besides the second Earls Court show. There were plenty of them during the OOS tour though, which is probably what the record refers to... but then many of them were given away too.


    Also, sort of related, but he had those two guitars in his rack for at least six months it seems. You can see the necks at 3:59.




    Guess it's possible that they were originally bought to prevent 007 from getting damaged again.


    Depends if they've been naughty or not.


    Watched Glastonbury 2004 again, aw man, that would've been incredible to be at. Even though I was 10 :LOL:. Found this searching for pictures of his Absolution era guitar rack, didn't know he used one of these - https://bx.line6.com/news/general/58


    I'm surprised he didn't destroy any Corts last tour.

  10. I can confirm that this rumor is true.


    What was that idea? I can't actually remember. :facepalm:


    He does, but it's not on the DVD. I have a super #LoRes video with no sound - he really goes for it instead of swinging it around a few times then throwing it away like the night before.


    And yes I believe that's why it wasn't used. It certainly wasn't in his rack at that show, and he was definitely throwing it around a bit in mid 2004.




    Also notice how the 4x12 falls off the front of the stage. Damn.


    Can't remember whose idea it was, but someone would pick names of K&T members and they'd buy some small gear related thing and post it to whoever they got picked. Not very practical though :LOL:


    Ah, I must've been mixing the DVD up with a video of another absolution gig or hullabaloo.


    Ehmagerd physcho rif. Wonder how the 4x12 and 007 were after that :twitchy: Does look really fun to do though.

  11. First that and now posting outside of K&T? It's almost like you're ditching me for Bs...which is sort of kinky (but in all the wrong ways) because I still consider Bs my bff


    You'll have to wait until Macaroon is here if you want a threesome... and then some...


    And I suggest we continue this stimulating and soon to be heated discussion.




    Maybe it's just a way to avoid getting into the The Guinness Book of World Records again. Surely he's broken more than on the Absolution tour?


    ...Which has to be incorrect anyway :erm: I can't think of any examples besides Earls Court night 2 where something actually got destroyed. Can't really count 007, and I don't think the Ibanez from Earls Court night 1 got any major damage.


    Well, he does have more knobs...


    Aw we forgot to do that K&T secret Santa idea, though it’d be pretty easy to figure out since there’s only really you, jaicen, matthijs and me left :LOL:



    I think he smashes an Ibanez on the absolution tour dvd, but I might be getting that mixed up with the one from hullabaloo. Did 007 get split/broken a bit in 2004 and that’s why it wasn’t used at Glastonbury, or have I been reading musewiki too much?

  12. What did I say about spreading rumors? Your post has probably been copied to musewiki already.


    Is it a different guitar though? After all, there was that recent interview where Matt said only the neck or body will usually break and need replacing.


    So unless you replace both at the same time, it's still the same guitar... is it not?




    Whoops, that's me banned.


    Kind of... maybe. It's probably got the pickups/electronics out of the original one, but since it's a new body on presumably the same neck it kind of is a different guitar... or not.



    And there we have my shittest argument in the history of K&T.




  13. Might be how it survived really


    Here's the interview I mentioned. Watch his hand movement closely in this video at around 5:22 and 5:32




    And yeah, that was the point of updating the K&T FAQ a few years back. I had left out any information that I knew wasn't true or couldn't be confirmed.


    Still a decent reference for the pre-T2L era stuff I guess.


    So it's similar to the MBC-1 but with a different looking switch :LOL: bamboozled. Also, since both models of that have been discontinued there might be a new one next year...


    Yeah, all the pre 2012 stuff is accurate as far as I know (unless someone has edited the 007 page with the built in phase 90 thing). Bit puzzled why there's not a page for the rebuilt version of the mirror since it's technically a different guitar, but there's a page/section for each matt black :nerd:

  14. No idea mate.


    And that was from Wembley. It was repaired after that, only to be broken beyond repair by accident...





    See? That's all it is, and MB did mention it in an interview a while back (although he didn't say it was exactly that)


    This is why certain individuals shouldn't post rumors on musewiki...


    That's what I mean, it got bashed about loads but finally got wrecked by the curtain thing. The behemoth double neck one probably landed on it as well :facepalm:


    Reverse kill switch? :confused:


    Some of the shite on the musewiki gear pages now is quite funny... at times

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