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  1. The same happened to me... I bought the Deluxe CD version in pre-sale on the 3rd of September and didn´t receive it on the release date. I thought that it was due to the holiday in my city, Madrid (Spain), and that I was receiving it on next monday, 12th (yesterday), but It never happened and as I see is a general problem. I even don´t know wether the courier in charge of delivering it to me is nor a tracking number. I´ve tried to contact in many ways but couldn´t get any answer. :mad:
  2. No answer either. And also no answer from: muse@e.wbr.com uk-customerserviceteam@wmgcustomerservice.com customerserviceteam@warnerartists.net
  3. No answer either. An also, no answer from: customerserviceteam@warnerartists.net uk-customerserviceteam@wmgcustomerservice.com muse@e.wbr.com
  4. I also tried to contact through different Customer Services e-mail adresses and none of them reply me. Do you know any better way to contact them? Thanks!
  5. Good morning everyone! Is there anyone that haven´t received the new album either? I pre-order it on September, but day 9th (release date) was a holiday in my city, Madrid (Spain), so I expected to receive it next monday, day 12th; that wasn´t the case. Today is tuesday 13th and I´m still waiting... Anyone with the same problem? Do you know what courier is in charge of delivering from Muse store? Just to get some information, because I dont´have wether the courier name nor a tracking number. I hope someone can help me! Thanks!!
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