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    I'm a college graduate, raised in Los Angeles but not your typical. I grew up listening to 80s, been performing music since I was 12 and still loving music!
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    Looking forward to my first concert, January 23rd at Staples Center!

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  1. Hey fans! I'm looking for 1 reserved seat ticket at facevalue. If you have an extra ticket, let me know! Thank you!
  2. Thank you for sharing. I checked out the tickets available and I keep getting single seats in section 200's. Maybe the general sale will have better seats! The VIPs are also the best seats. I want the 2nd best seats not VIP. I don't care for the VIP merchandise/swag.
  3. Hey all- I was expecting to receive a pre-sale code in my account this morning but I guess I had to sign up this time? I thought it was automatic that us members receive it. I'm on the fence on the venue/this tour - from what I've heard in the past and just read from you guys. I live in Oakland and to get to Shoreline by 7pm on a Friday night could be a nightmare. I would have to leave by 3pm. I'm not thrilled by their last tour at Oracle, Drones and Thirty Seconds to Mars opening for them. Why TSTM? Any other fans in the East Bay or City? Roll call~! Rich//
  4. An early Xmas gift from Muse to us! Any Musers in the East Bay? I'll be going to the show after work. I'll be in the first row in Section 102!! I'm Rich, 29 year old video game professional, just moved to Oakland from LA~! I've seen Muse in LA and in Vegas (where I met them personally before the show). It would be great to meet new friends with same music taste! Find me on IG: richvondeez
  5. This made my morning! MUSE at the MAYAN in DTLA! Who is going? Who is down to meet up for drinks before?
  6. Hey fellow Musers! I need one ticket, GA or lower level seat, GA preferably I know this is not the ticket forum but just in case someone reads this and has what I want. haha. Night 1 was out of this world... trying to go to Night 3! Thanks! Does anyone think they'll be back for another leg tour in LA later this year? Rich//
  7. Hey guys! I haven't been on here lately but just returned and wondering if there was a meet-up of muse.mu fans before or after the concert? It would be great to meet up with other fans. I'll be by myself so far, I bought myself an early Birthday gift back in Oct. I will definitely be having a drink somewhere at LA Live (prob. yardhouse or espn live) before the show! Plus, I'll be seating in Sec 103, Row 7. If you're near, say hello! Richie//
  8. I hope everyone had good luck on scoring tickets! It has been a crazy week full of presales. I got myself an early Birthday gift since January is the same month of my 27th birthday and the concert! I'll be going to this show, the 23rd... the opening show in LA! I actually had tickets for their last tour but sold them last minute (facevalue of course!). Where is everyone sitting or standing? haha. I'll be in Sec 103, row 7. I scored this seat through the Members presage on Tuesday. Anyone sitting in the lower bowl will have a great view. I've been to Staples for many concerts, (Van Halen being the LOUDEST one) and they installed new JBL speaker system about a year ago and it sounds great!
  9. Hey! you're from Argentina? Which city? I have a few Argentine friends here. I noticed you're coming to LA for Muse! That's awesome! I'm from Peru but I live here in LA. Hope you enjoy your stay and the show! Are you going the 23rd or 24th show?



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