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  1. Go to top left.... Hit "User CP" On the left of the page... Running down will be a list of things you can do... At the bottom it will say "join mailing list" (whether you are already part of it or not) It's worth hitting that just to see what email address you have in there... You never know... Could be a different one than you thought. I wish I had more advice to give.
  2. Have you been inactive on the group for a while? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that if you're inactive for 12 month you get removed from mailing lists.... Don't quote me though
  3. You just know that there'll be some absolute douche canoes.... That will freely leak the code... Thus rendering us actual presale code users to be well and truly dicked! I don't hold out much faith in humanity but fuck me you lot are a beautiful bunch!!
  4. I must be missing somehing here.... The guys are playing on Matt's birthday, and theres no thread for that gig????????? I for one am heading out to Denmark for this gig.... Who else is going?? anyone from the UK, or even Devon?? Im travelling from Barnstaple (north devon) to grab a flight on the 8th. peace and Love!
  5. Does anyone know where i can find a copy of 'newton abbot demo'? looked fuckin everywhere
  6. unfortunately....its there with anything, i genuinely like it...i dig the retro electro style, i REALLY dig matts vocals, you can hear that he feels this one, theres something.......extra (for want of a better word) in his voice....and this going into psycho sets the narrative for the rest of the album.
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