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  1. 91.x just said something about a 2am gig in Encinitas... anyone know if this is true?
  2. Anyone know where a reputable place would be to get tickets to the first two nights? Thinking about flying down, only if I can get tickets for all 3 shows
  3. I'm convinced that all of the Craigslist postings are scams after emailing some of them. At this point I'd pay anything for a ticket - it's just impossible to find a real one!
  4. I actually have an extra Terrace seat that I'm looking to sell at face value if anyone is interested! My buddy backed out .
  5. Anybody have an extra ticket for sale? I missed out on the sale and I'm getting desperate for one - Craigslist is no help.
  6. I don't think there's any recordings of MSG yet but here's 3 from Philadelphia: FLAC (source 1) : http://www.musebootlegs.com/?p=torrents&pid=10&action=details&tid=1215 FLAC (source 2) : http://www.musebootlegs.com/?p=torrents&pid=10&action=details&tid=1216 DVD : http://www.musebootlegs.com/?p=torrents&pid=10&action=details&tid=1366
  7. Awesome show. Saw them in Philadelphia last March- pretty much the same setlist, except they didn't play Guiding Light or Unnatural Selection. I was hoping for more but I guess not. Here's a picture of the setlist- I managed to get one!
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