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    Panic! at the Disco
    Senses Fail
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    Memoirs of a Geisha
    Boy in the striped Pajamas.
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    House, Bones, One Tree Hill.. (totally embarassing.)
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    Impulse, A mango shaped space, Hunger Games.
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    All of the CD's.
    One DVD.
    And i haven't gotten to the Vinyl's yet.. But i will.
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    Will be seeing them September 22nd. :D
  1. Muse was sooo amazing last night! That was my first gig i've ever attended, and i was sooo estatic. Ruled by Secrecy was a huuuuge suprise for me also, i was in complete shock. Considering it's my favorite song by them. And when they came out for an encore by playing the Exogenesis Syphony part 1. That was fantastic! I wanted to go down to the tour buses afterwards to see if i could meet them, but we ended up not. ): All in all, it was probably the best night of my life.
  2. Happy Birthday fellow Muser! :awesome:

  3. Im attending the Muse concert at the Viejas Arena on September 22nd.. we are seated in Section A row 23. Im wondering if those seat's are any good?
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