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    Will be seeing them on Sept. 4th at LCCC for first time (:
  1. Last night was the best night of my life (: First time at Muse and I got all of my favourite songs and a streamer to take home, and an ickle bit of confetti. Matt's costumes were great - human discoball followed by flashing suit and sunglasses I had my hair blue! But I went against face-paint in case it rained. I don't really know what to say because you were all there but it was so fantastic.
  2. Matt is fantastic in this. His face. I can see Dom sneak a smile in every so often actually, makes me chuckle.
  3. I was a bit confused at first, it's very, non-museish to have a boring performance. I think it's funny when they all switch though, because the muse fans will all sit there laughing and everyone else won't get it. Crazy lights
  4. woops. eurgh, i tell you, i have serious issues with Thes and As in band names. it's quite embarrasing sometimes. Hold on, did they do a cover of The Cure's Lullaby? I'm sure that's floating around on my iPod somewhere.
  5. I've ordered one in blue to see if it works. I've honestly got nothing better to do with my time this holidays apart from the Muse forums, and I had to sit here panicking and wondering where my life was going when the server was down. I then also couldn't stop myself from buying some wash-out blue hair dye to see if that works too, and that also glows under UV light but still makes your hair blue anyway.
  6. Well, I can pick from any colour [orange, green, pink, yellow, blue, purple, white, red, gold and silver] and get a 10ml bottle [so one use, i assume] for £1.38. "bright paints in normal light & glow under UV light." Will they show up though?
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