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    Born n raised in NYC,USA. Attended The School Of Visual Arts, NYC, graduated with BFA in Fine Arts. Single, straight, looking.
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    Music, almost all kinds of music - see my Youtube channel; internet, yoga, WOW.....etc.
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    Self-employed artist, jewelry maker
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    Muse of course! Aslo like The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, some Coldplay, 80's& 90's Alt., etc.
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    CSI:NY, NCS, V, House M.D, Ghost Whisper, Medium.
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    The Vampire Chronicals by Anne Rice, The Sleeping Beauty Triology by Anne Rice.
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    OoS cd, Absolution cd, BH&R cd, The Resistance cd and the cd/dvd pack. mp3's -NSC, Glorious, Unintended, Assissn . Book - Out Of This World: The Story of Muse by Mark Beaumont .
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    Counting down the days til October 23, seeing the boys at Nassau Colliseum. This will be my first Muse concert!
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  1. Good morning...um afternoon.


    :LOL: Congrats on both bits of news! Jewelry? Sweet. What kind do you make?


    Ugh. Jealous of your book stores. lol. I'm up in St. Cloud at the moment, and its a near desert for literature options. Yup, I'll probably have to get it online.


    I've been mixing up the music, just sort of let it go on random, and UD and US keep popping up first. lol. Otherwise, I think I've got a fondness growing for Darkshines, something with the bass and the beat. There was only one Muse song I'm not fond of, but that had to do with misheard lyrics.


    So, doing anything fun this weekend?

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