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    Born n raised in NYC,USA. Attended The School Of Visual Arts, NYC, graduated with BFA in Fine Arts. Single, straight, looking.
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    Music, almost all kinds of music - see my Youtube channel; internet, yoga, WOW.....etc.
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    Self-employed artist, jewelry maker
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    Muse of course! Aslo like The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, some Coldplay, 80's& 90's Alt., etc.
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    CSI:NY, NCS, V, House M.D, Ghost Whisper, Medium.
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    The Vampire Chronicals by Anne Rice, The Sleeping Beauty Triology by Anne Rice.
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    OoS cd, Absolution cd, BH&R cd, The Resistance cd and the cd/dvd pack. mp3's -NSC, Glorious, Unintended, Assissn . Book - Out Of This World: The Story of Muse by Mark Beaumont .
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    Counting down the days til October 23, seeing the boys at Nassau Colliseum. This will be my first Muse concert!
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  1. Hello to all my friends! Sorry I haven't been checking in much or replying to messeges here - been busy working and trying to keep cool in this relentless heat here in NYC. Hope you are all doing well, keeping cool and enjoying your summer. I'm counting down the days til the Nassau Coliseum show - 86 days to go!!!

  2. Hi Vanessa.


    No worries. I seem to be bogged down too. Just that time of year. We've had perfect weather here the last three days but not enough time outdoors to enjoy it. A VCR? My goodness, what would you need one of those for? lol.


    Yup, I've only got HAARP, but none of the othe other tour disks. Catching up via YouTube and mu's media player. Ack. Forgot to go to B&N again. Must look for the autobiography.


    Have you taken any photos of your jewelry?


    For the 4th, we're going to shoot off our own fireworks again. A lot of fun with the people close to me, esp when I get elected to light one up. lol. My clumsiness combined with a lighter and the need to run quickly away. Always good for a really, long laugh. Unfortunately, the mosquitos have started popping up. Got bitten good last weekend. Otherwise, I might go to the Taste of Minnesota. Nothing really good music-wise. The Offspring maybe, but the prices have tripled. So, seems like a rip-off. Hm... still undecided.


    You have a good weekend too! Get some fresh air, a bit of sun. Will help inspire you for your next project. lol.


    Talk to you later - J

  3. Hi Julie,


    Sorry its taken me time to answer you, been under the weather with the heat here this past week. Didn't go out much this last week, so I'm going to try n run all my errands these next two days while its comfortable. One of my errands is returning a VCR I bought, its just not compatible with my old TV.=(


    I just got the Showbiz CD the other day, now I just need the live CD's. =) Did you find a copy of the Muse autobiography yet?


    At the moment I'm still working with beads and componants since I'm still new to jewelry making, but I'm getting eager to try bigger and better projects - I ordered a Jewelry Making For Dummies book off of Amazon a few days ago, can't wait to get it.


    Been listening to Fillip, Shrinking Universe and Uprising alot this past week/weekend. And of course the Showbiz CD.


    Have a fun weekend, happy 4th of July!

  4. Good morning...um afternoon.


    :LOL: Congrats on both bits of news! Jewelry? Sweet. What kind do you make?


    Ugh. Jealous of your book stores. lol. I'm up in St. Cloud at the moment, and its a near desert for literature options. Yup, I'll probably have to get it online.


    I've been mixing up the music, just sort of let it go on random, and UD and US keep popping up first. lol. Otherwise, I think I've got a fondness growing for Darkshines, something with the bass and the beat. There was only one Muse song I'm not fond of, but that had to do with misheard lyrics.


    So, doing anything fun this weekend?

  5. Hello!

    How are you this evening? I'm well. Rather pleased with myself for losing five more pounds this week, woot! And I just finished my first jewelry piece that I'm going to try and sell at Amazon.com.

    Yes, i love exploring book stores too. I feel very lucky that to have The Strand Book Store not to far from where I live. But on the off chance B&N doesn't have a copy, it is available at Amazon.

    I've been listening to The Resistance alot lately too- UD, IBTY, Exo Synphony 12&3, GL and of course Uprising. Also been listing to Shrinking Universe, Easily, Micro Cuts, Glorious, Map of Problematique and Assassin (Debassed Massons Grog Edit).

  6. Morning!


    Book sounds pretty good then. I guess I'll have to search around for it. There's a massive B&N in Roseville I can try first. Not fond of ordering books online. I'm a shelf browser, work habit I guess


    lol. That's kind of funny. I've seen the V ads, but I never watched the show. Though, I've seen the original - kind of cheesy but made a good point about genocide. eek. Sorry, totally off topic. Don't feel bad about newbie status. I talk with some Non-Musers on the forum here who make me feel like an expert on the band. Its pretty funny.


    Interesting choices. Most musers I know target the big songs from the early albums. I think I'm stuck on The Resistance album at the moment - Uprising, UD, US, all of Exo... I like Invincible. Really is kind of uplifting with a steady beat.


    So, how are you?

  7. Thank you, I'll check out the Oldies thread right now. =D

  8. Hi Julie. No I don't think it's rehash of old interviews, it seems more a biography on the band, well mostly on Matt, which is fine with me - =D~!


    Yes, I'm going to see the boys at Nassau Colliseum in October - it'll be my first muse concert as I'm still a nooby Muser. I learned of Muse from Uprising being used in the V tv show ads last December.


    Wow, favorite song - it changes from day to day, but I'd say Invincible - it helps keep me focused on my goals. Been listening to Eternally Missed alot lately, too.

  9. Hi! There are a few "older" Musers lurking around. You just know where to look. :D Feel free to stop by the "Oldies" thread in Banter sometime. :)http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=71600

  10. Hello! Nice to see someone near my age on here. =D

  11. Hi Vanessa!


    So sorry. My response time seems to be completely off this last week or so. I tempted to run out and get the book. Is it just a rehash of interviews or is there new material? lol. I'm such a bad muser, getting more behind the times as I go along.


    Forgot to ask. Are you going to a gig this year? Seems like everyone I meet is far, far away from Minnesota. And, everyone I meet has a different favorite song. What's yours?

  12. Littlebird - for his amazing voice, his whistled intro to TIRO, his hair and his tiny self
  13. Hello! Thank you, glad you liked my poem. No, i'm not a professional poet, it really was a poem off the top of my head.


    Only book I'm reading at the moment Is Out Of This World: The Story Of Muse by Mark Beaumont. Just getting to the halfway point in it, but I would still recommend it - that's assuming there's a Muse fan that hasn't already read it.


    My name is Vanessa, please meeting you too Julie. =D

  14. My apologies. I just wanted to say that I liked your poem, and of course, purple appeals to me. :LOL: Are you a professional poet?


    Oh, I'm also the miscreant that started the Book Recommendations group. Please feel free to add any titles you like. Its hard to get people to add anything these days, but really, I'd like to encourage someone with talent like yourself to make suggestions.


    My name's Julie. Pleased to meet you. :happy:

  15. I love this song, I listen it at least once aday. It (and Muse in general) has helped me come out of a very dark place in my life and self; I've started working again (painting/jewelry making) and just simply feel more hopeful about my life. And yes, the guitar solo, and the doulbe time drums at the end, are electricfying.
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