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  1. Watching the Tonight show with jay Leno just now,and the show's band played NSC as outro to a commercial break!
  2. Me too. Actually Thinking "Muse Oct.23" is all that has gotten me through the last two months. Many many thanks to those who posted mass transit info. Oct 23 song wishlist: Eternally Missed, Invincible, Sing for Absolution. I know it wont happen, but here's to wishing!
  3. As this will be my very first Muse concert, I decided to get a seat ticket ( please no ribbing:(). Since I live in NYC, I'll have to take the LIRR to Long Island - about an hour trip out there. I was planning on leaving my home around 3:00 pm, commute to Penn Station n get the train. Is 3:00 a good time to leave? It'll give four and a half hours before the doors open. Maybe I should leave at 2:00, in case the LIRR has trouble like they're having now. Advice please??
  4. Was watching a news story on the flight attendant guy Steven Slater, and they were playing Uprising as the background music!
  5. Hello to all my friends! Sorry I haven't been checking in much or replying to messeges here - been busy working and trying to keep cool in this relentless heat here in NYC. Hope you are all doing well, keeping cool and enjoying your summer. I'm counting down the days til the Nassau Coliseum show - 86 days to go!!!

  6. Unintended, Guiding Light <--- been feeling lost and alone like this for along time now.
  7. Even the aliens are coming out to see Muse. Proof positive that Muse is the greatest band in the universe! But I'm wondering: when the aliens take the boys to play the Andromeda system, how will we get tickets, and how will we all get there? Can we schedual a group alien abduction or just use teleports? Haha!
  8. Hi Julie,


    Sorry its taken me time to answer you, been under the weather with the heat here this past week. Didn't go out much this last week, so I'm going to try n run all my errands these next two days while its comfortable. One of my errands is returning a VCR I bought, its just not compatible with my old TV.=(


    I just got the Showbiz CD the other day, now I just need the live CD's. =) Did you find a copy of the Muse autobiography yet?


    At the moment I'm still working with beads and componants since I'm still new to jewelry making, but I'm getting eager to try bigger and better projects - I ordered a Jewelry Making For Dummies book off of Amazon a few days ago, can't wait to get it.


    Been listening to Fillip, Shrinking Universe and Uprising alot this past week/weekend. And of course the Showbiz CD.


    Have a fun weekend, happy 4th of July!

  9. They want to burn them, like they do and have done with almost every other band and artist out there, but at the same time they want to sell their boring magazine. NME needs an enema!
  10. Hello!

    How are you this evening? I'm well. Rather pleased with myself for losing five more pounds this week, woot! And I just finished my first jewelry piece that I'm going to try and sell at Amazon.com.

    Yes, i love exploring book stores too. I feel very lucky that to have The Strand Book Store not to far from where I live. But on the off chance B&N doesn't have a copy, it is available at Amazon.

    I've been listening to The Resistance alot lately too- UD, IBTY, Exo Synphony 12&3, GL and of course Uprising. Also been listing to Shrinking Universe, Easily, Micro Cuts, Glorious, Map of Problematique and Assassin (Debassed Massons Grog Edit).

  11. They could be nominated for NSC in the soundtrack category.
  12. Yes , they were really good. I'm not saying that the boys performance at the stadiums were bad, no. Just that something seems alittle off. Just like there's no such thing as bad pizza, or bad sex, there's no such thing a bad Muse performance.
  13. I usually love anything to do with or resembling Egyptian art, but the Pyramid stage looks really scary. The Towers are cool , even though they remind me of the WTC Towers. But actually all thats really needed is Muse themselves.
  14. Has anyone esle noticed that something seems a bit... "off" with the boys (especially with Matt) since they started the European Stadium/Arena tour? I've been following Muse's gigs, tv and radio appearances, and interviews on Youtube since I missed them at Madison Square Garden here in NYC this past March. I understand its not the same as seeing Muse live, but even in those video clip, their playfulness, electricity, and power come through. But in viewing the vid clips from the recent gigs at the Swiss, Italian, and French stadiums something really seems wrong, particularly with Matt. IDK, maybe is just me, or maybe its just not enough vid clips to really judge by, or just the poor quality of most of the vid clips, but something just doesn't "feel" right.
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