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  1. reminded me of you!
  2. :stongue: :stongue: :stongue: :fap: :fap: :fap: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. :( i wanted to be there too :( and give you real kisses and real hugs :( and gifts. aw! damn distance

    :kiss: ILU 2 :kiss:

  4. 2 hour drive? well,that's not long,but you'll get to meet them after the show.

    i wish i was there to see them too:( have fun out there,and take pics! ;)

  5. a package from Germany!! oh cool =)

    and Muse in Ukraine? in May? :awesome: i'm sure you'll be happy if they'll have a show on 14th of May (your birthday!) :D

    what movies did you watch? i watched couple of movies yesterday too!


  6. add kardam ;)

    EIVALLL!!! fan page e irani :O :D man ke share kardam invar unvar tabligh she baraye page! khodet sakhtish?

  7. akh are,ba firefox miay ya explorer? man ba filtershekan miam! =( bad kar mikone..

    soore? nemifahmam! yani reshteye daneshgahie in namayesh ke migi??

    dars mikhunam "not".. asan heso halesh nis,tatilam! haha

    rastiiii in usernamet chiye? az konjkavi mordam.

    kelas zaban? mage English nemikhuni tu uni? man ke kheyli vaghte nemiram vali.. hamin safir o kanoon dg az hame behtaran meske! :)

  8. and he's wearing blueee :awesome: the same blue as your chat font!!

    aw,thanks.. our pics are kind of alike.. Brunettes taking black and white pics of themselves lol

  9. and why would SOAD tour around in europe and not US? hmm..

    and Serj songs are greatttt! :)

    i'm gonna ask anotherquestion :LOL: are you a latino? cause Andres is a latino name!

    (i can't stop being nosy:()

  10. are you serious?? they were sitting down? grrr! i don't get it,they could've sit down in their house,didn't have to buy tickets to a show to have a sit!



  11. AURORE! Happy birthday my dear:kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: <33333

    I FUDGING LOVE YOU,and i'm wishing you the best,MUAH:kiss:

  12. aw,thank you dear Nastyaaa! :kiss: yours is good tooooo! and i'm fine! :happy:

    how are you??

  13. but why homeschooling?

    20?hmm,well you look 18 to me :D and LOLLL married?? no wayyy,lolll

  14. dafe pish cheghad man harf zadam inja! haha

    chera enseraf dadi?

    e? bahale ketabe? bekhoonam pas :)

    are are bayad bekhoonam (manam az nasihat kardan/shenidan khosham nemiad) :D pas alan miri uni yani dg,are?

  15. dirty? but there are nice places too,right? you live in the capital city? maybe it's only the capital city that's not clean.. and yeah,you're emotional too,i can tell:)

    living in germany.. can you talk in german?

  16. Everest! wow :awesome:

    we'll be the only ppl doing "it" on a height,higher than the the Everesrt :kiss:

  17. has anyone ever told you that you look like Ashlee Simpson?

    don't get me wrong dammit,you look cute xD happy new year btw :kiss:

  18. hate what? what's wrong darling? :(

    i'm good,are YOU ok?? <333

  19. Heyyy! :) i'm fine,how're you?

    and you know,i don't think it's early to say "happy new year" i've been saying that to others since,like 2weeks ago :LOL: so yeah,happy new year to you too! :happy:

  20. heyyy! i WILL buy you presents.. i have to :D i should give you something that would remind you of me <3

    and yess freindship is a valuable thing!

  21. hmm.. i think i know what you're talking about..

    Elvi you're like "haha" with everything,and i love that about you! :happy:

    and my day was fine til now,i was at home,cause it's freezing outside.. it's snowing:awesome: how was yours? i hope it was fine *crosses fingers*

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