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  1. Oh, I'm sure they'll visit Portugal at some point of the tour, whereas I'm not hoping for them to come to Bulgaria any time soon :( That's why I'm going to see them in Budapest in November :happy: What do you think of Survival and of the album artwork?

  2. Hi :) Sorry for replying that late but I've been pretty busy... It's a good thing I'll have the next month off :happy:

    How have you been? Any plans for Muse gigs?

  3. Happy birthday :party: Have a good one :happy:

  4. Merry Christmas to you too :xmas: And best wishes for the New Year :)

  5. Hey there, thanks for the friend request :)

  6. It was amazing! Still can't believe I was actually there :LOL: I was a few rows back from the second barrier and couldn't really see the band most of the time but I had enough space to jump around :D

  7. I just couldn't miss the opportunity to see OoS live :) Hope we get an official DVD with the entire set :)

  8. Yeah, it was nice :) I'm fine too, except for still suffering from post Reading depression...

  9. Thanks :happy: How are you?

  10. Happy Birthday:party: Wish you all the best :happy:

  11. Thanks for adding me on here too :happy:

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