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  1. I'll be 18. Just 3 weeks from now. ;) Ok i'm off tonight. Cheers, see you later!

  2. I have been a fan for quite some time now too.


    So you're 18, eh? ;)

    I'm 15.

  3. I'm just like that. :D I'm fan since eleven. That makes 7 years. I have experienced many of this madness. ;D i know how it is.

  4. Hahah!!

    You made a buncha crazy Muse fans insanely confused and mad.


  5. Random numbers. I guess i started a little trouble over there. I just couldn'r resist. :)

  6. I'm alright.

    This "treasure hunt" is getting to me.


    Care to tell me what your name is about?

  7. Hey! I'm sorry for my actions. :) How are you?

  8. Aww...people are flaming you.


    OKay. Screw my question.

    How's life?

  9. Why do you refuse to answer to my question.


    At least reply with a "cannot tell you" or "that's irrelevant. how's your day?"


  10. Come on, we know it's Baku =D

  11. This. Is. So. Frustrating.

    HEY :D


    Are you anything to do with this hunt or are you just a bit gay? :p xx

  12. I was wondering...

    what's the story behind your username?

    It's interesting.

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