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  1. I'll be 18. Just 3 weeks from now. ;) Ok i'm off tonight. Cheers, see you later!

  2. I have been a fan for quite some time now too.


    So you're 18, eh? ;)

    I'm 15.

  3. I'm just like that. :D I'm fan since eleven. That makes 7 years. I have experienced many of this madness. ;D i know how it is.

  4. Hahah!!

    You made a buncha crazy Muse fans insanely confused and mad.


  5. Random numbers. I guess i started a little trouble over there. I just couldn'r resist. :)

  6. I'm alright.

    This "treasure hunt" is getting to me.


    Care to tell me what your name is about?

  7. Hey! I'm sorry for my actions. :) How are you?

  8. Aww...people are flaming you.


    OKay. Screw my question.

    How's life?

  9. You suck. your name sucks. And the fact that you intimidate me sucks.

  10. Why do you refuse to answer to my question.


    At least reply with a "cannot tell you" or "that's irrelevant. how's your day?"


  11. Come on, we know it's Baku =D

  12. This. Is. So. Frustrating.

    HEY :D


    Are you anything to do with this hunt or are you just a bit gay? :p xx

  13. I was wondering...

    what's the story behind your username?

    It's interesting.

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