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  1. Mr. Andrews Ferreira Guedis, who was responsible for the great Radiohead Multi-cam DVD "Rain Down"( ), is now assembling a multi-cam DVD for Muse's 3 concerts recently played in São Paulo, while opening for U2: http://www.musedvd.com.br/ The idea is to include every song played over the 3 nights, so we're discussing how the setlist should be assembled, and we'd like to have your suggestions. Here's what we've got so far: 1. Citizen Erased 2. Uprising 3. Supermassive Black Hole 4. Bliss 5. Resistance 6. United States of Eurásia 7. Feeling Good 8. Time Is Running Out 9. Hysteria 10. Starlight 11. Plug In Baby 12. Stockholm Syndrome 13. Knights of Cydonia In case you're wondering the setlists for all 3 nights were the following: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2011/estadio-do-morumbi-sao-paulo-brazil-53d3bb3d.html http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2011/estadio-do-morumbi-sao-paulo-brazil-53d3b759.html http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2011/estadio-do-morumbi-sao-paulo-brazil-5bd3afdc.html
  2. Dude. I think it's awful. Those beats...that slap bass...that synth. It's making me nauseous. I still can't decide whether my favorite is Origin of Symmetry or Black Holes. I like the new stuff. A LOT. I liked Uprising and USE. But this track sounds like crap. Yeah, I was harsh, but I do know that some people pretend to like songs.
  3. This sounds absolutely shameful. It's like Timbaland produced the track - which means it sounds like utter shit. Seriously, what the bloody hell? How far are crazy Muse fans willing to go to pretend they enjoy EVERY song? I mean, this is even worse than Thoughts of a Dying Atheist!
  4. Come on, we know it's Baku =D

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