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    I've won some and lost some, but the greatest prizes? My three best friends and the most amazing boyfriend ever. (a Muse fan of course)
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    Muse. :)
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    Muse of course...and Altered Sky!
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    Hullabaloo, HAARP, BHAR, The Resistance, OOS...
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    Glasgow: 9th November. '09. (I wish! It was my birthday!

    Hoping for Download 2015!!!!!
  1. I was thinking Invincible! But I thought you'd all be the best people to ask
  2. Basically, I'm looking at this poster thing on notonthehighstreet.com and you can choose what lyrics you put on it and the background colour. It's for my boyfriend and we are both huge Muse fans (hence I'm asking here!!!), what lyrics should I use? PS, any era of Muse can be included, we love it all
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