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  1. I'm sorry your family is sick. :( I've got a house full of sickies, too. The nice weather is here, we're on spring break, and the kids are sick. no fun! Glad you got your turkey, tho.


    Is this a small arena or is it just the perspective of the photos?


    It looks small to me. I thought we'd be much further away than we are. (We're sitting at the top of the lower bowl - section 104, row 25 - in the back.)

  2. Posting from the Space Needle observation deck! Here with my sister. We went out to the outdoor deck... it was cold and windy out there but it's a good thing we went out when we did because it's starting to rain again! See you guys who are going to Dick's in an hour!

  3. I've heard that alot of people on here are meeting up at Dicks,and am planning on going there for dinner and was wondering what time this is happening/when people will be there.


    5 pm, though there will be some people trickling in at 6 pm.


    If you're on Facebook, check out the Seattle gig group. There's a discussion thread for the meetup in there that has some responses from people going, and the same info I just posted. :)

  4. :facepalm: Oops! I thought you said she lived in Seattle. :LOL:


    Yes, be sure to have cash. Also, be aware that you can only order exactly what is on the menu, no substitutions. It's not Burger King "have it your way". It's "have it our way, or no way". :chuckle:


    Haha, don't worry about it! :) My cousin and her family live a bit outside of Seattle, but they're vacationing out of town the week my sister and I will be visiting! :(


    Ah okay, I'll try to remember that. :D

  5. It was Liberty who suggested Dick's... or, actually her sister who lives here in Seattle. Dick's is a Seattle tradition. I wouldn't say their burgers are the absolute greatest in the world, but they are good, and the price is reasonable. They also have yummy fries and milkshakes! For me, it's kind of like going to In-N-Out when I'm traveling near one. :happy:


    For those joining us at Dick's, keep in mind that they only accept cash... no debit/credit cards or checks. :stunned:


    Nah, my sister lives with me in Hawaii. :LOL: Neither of us have been to Seattle before. She suggested Dick's because she wanted diner food, and it looked like a good place to meet up, and that was one of the closest diners to the arena. :)


    Thanks for the heads up with the payment situation there! Need to make sure I have some cash on me!

  6. have they ever visited this forum?


    They've been known to lurk and have suggested they did in various interviews. Matt and Dom seemed to know about the NME "sexiest male" voting threads in an interview. :chuckle:

  7. I wish it were the case, but I have never heard of that before. if there is a venue that does that, that would be highly unusual. most places are pretty strict about their in-out/entrance policy. letting people in to shop before the doors actually open? yeah, never heard of it -- sorry.


    You've never heard of that before? Jae, they did that at the Vegas gig we went to! :LOL: (Wait - I think you guys arrived later right? Maybe that's why you didn't know.) In Vegas, they let people who were in line buy stuff before they opened the doors. I want to emphasize though that I don't know if that's common practice. Actually, I don't think it is, thinking back on other gigs I've been to. I suppose it depends on the venue/security/merch stand setup (the stand at The Joint was next to the box office in the lobby, outside the venue entrance).


    Doesn't hurt to call the venue you'll be seeing Muse in and asking how merch stands usually are set up!

  8. does anyone know if you can bring cameras to the show, i know you cant bring professional cameras, im planning on bringing my digi camera and was wondering if they will let me in with it,or will i have to sneak it in?


    Don't know about the Key Arena (try calling them), but I've never had a problem bringing in a point-and-shoot digital camera to a gig, whether it was in a small venue or an arena. I know sometimes bands will have certain photography policies, but never heard of Muse doing that.


    Went to Dick's on Queen Anne last night after attending the Alice in Wonderland premiere at the Pacific Science Center IMAX. Dick's is in easy walking distance from Key Arena and has a good amount of indoor seating, so it should be perfect for our meetup before the gig. If you're planning to attend, be sure to post on the Facebook discussion thread so we can keep track.


    Pre-Show Dinner


    Don't forget that you can order your very own .MU forum member t-shirt to wear so we can recognize fellow boardies at the gig! Got my new tee in the mail today. Now I have two, so I'll be able to wear them to all three NW gigs! :D


    .MU Forum Member T-shirts


    Thanks, Mel! Went to a premiere here last night (uh early this morning), too.

  9. i was also thinking about going in, grabbing our places by the stage, and having my friend hold the spot while i went to go get merch and then vise versa? but i don't know how well that would work... ahh. i'm troubled. :(. i need a good pit place. but getting tons of good merch is way important to me too. (the main thing i'd be worried about would be like.. them having shirt sizes and such since i'd be getting an oh-so-typical medium. lol.)


    I've done this before with friends. Just let everyone around you know what you're doing before you leave for the merch stand, so when you come back, they won't think you're trying to sneak into the front! As for having the merch with you during the show, if it's gonna be more than you can handle carrying, try asking security if you can place it in front of the barrier so it's out of the way. Sometimes they'll let you place it there. Remember to bring it with you after the show, though!

  10. hey everyone! Just signed up HUGE fan...

    I'm attending the show (GENERAL ADMISSION W00T!!!!!):D But I get back in Sea-town on a flight that lands at 615. Show starts at 7, but I am assuming there will be opening bands so I'm ok.....right?


    I hope so. That is all I am oping for at this moment.

    Any info on openers would be great!


    I doubt you'd be at the barrier, if that's what you're asking...? Silversun Pickups are the opening band.

  11. They kicked up a notch with a longer set or what? :eek: I'm jealous of everyone who was at the show!!

    But I though they were going to play Back in Black with the contest winner, no?:confused:


    Yeah, they did that for the dress rehearsal. It wasn't for the show.

  12. Yeah I get it, maybe I could put it in my mom's purse or... Well I mean my pockets in all of my pants are tight, nothing ever falls out... I'll figure something out :LOL:


    Now that I think about it, my phone was in my pocket last concert I went to, and I was in the pit... Didn't get crushed, didn't fall, but I have a new phone now and it's bigger so I dunno...


    Maybe you could buy one of those pouches with the wriststraps for your phone? I had my iPhone in my front jeans pocket (which is kind of deep) at the Vegas gig and I was right at the barrier. After the crowd pressing against me and the jumping around, my phone was fine. On the other hand, I have read on these boards of people losing their phones to pickpockets at gigs, as well. If you don't want to risk it and don't have a strong need for a phone at the gig, maybe you could leave it at home.

  13. Morning!? The show doesn't start until 7pm! Are we talking an all day camp out in line? Sorry if my questions seem stupid; I've never been in the pit at a Muse tour show before; just Deck the Hall Ball which is a hole in the wall show in comparison.


    It depends on how concert crowds/Muse fans are in your area. I'm sure one of the Seattle-area Musers would better answer your question, though all-day queuing is not out of the ordinary for Muse fans who want barrier.

  14. Joined. :awesome:


    And yeah, there's a Dick's a few blocks away from the Seattle Centre, IIRC. My group went there after Deck the Hall Ball.


    Yeah, it's on the corner of Republican and N Queen Anne, a block away from the arena. Here's the address: 500 Queen Anne Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109


    So Dick's? My sister will be stoked.

  15. I'm sure this has been brought up already but I got my Seattle tickets in the mail today from Ticketmaster and it lists seat numbers even though I got GA. Could someone clarify that for me? My order confirmation isn't very clear. My intention was to get GA to be in the pit, not for seats.


    How early do you guys reckon one would need to be there to get barrier?


    Also, do we know about how long the opening band is scheduled to play? 45 minutes?


    I've gotten GA tickets before with seat numbers on them. They're there for inventory purposes. Is there some kind of email confirmation you got that confirmed you got GA?


    Sometime in the morning to better your chances! The earlier, the better!


    I think the general assumption that's been going around is around 45 minutes.

  16. Okay, I created a Facebook group. This is the first time I've created a group page, so bear with me. :LOL: Here's the link to join:


    MUSE @ Key Arena, Seattle - April 2, 2010


    I tried to update the profile picture, but I'm at work right now and I can't upload photos without getting blocked by the firewall. I'll get it done later today when I'm at home. ;)


    As for food, I'm always up for a good burger. Dick's would be my vote. If I remember correctly, this is the one Dick's location that offers sit-down dining, correct?




    Assuming the photo on the following page was taken at that location, yes!


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